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WWE Money In the Bank Review 01/07/23

This is one half of your Irn Bru Brusierweights Arran with my review for money in the bank let's dive right in

Match 1 Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match Logan Paul vs Damien Priest vs Ricochet vs Santos Escobar vs Butch vs LA Knight vs Shinsuke Nakamura.

all the competitors are brawling outside logan paul goes to climb the ladder and Nakaumara stopped him. priest got tapped in a ladder ricochet and hit a superkick to la kinght pushed Nakamura into ricochet. started brawling again and Logan Paul went to climb the ladder and all participants stopped him, bar priest and Escobar, then butch pulled out 2 tables and a cricket bat it is in England after all. paul asked to team up with the priest they set up a table and then turns on him. la knight when to go for the briefcase and Paul stopped him. priest just set up a ladder using steps and ring apron went to put suplex Paul and butch stops it. frog splash from Logan onto priest on the ladder. Ricochet and Nakaumra are back in the ring fighting la knight gets involved and Nakaumra has it on his shoulders. Nakamura and Escobar climb the ladder then butch gets on the ladder and chokes put Escobar. all men back to their feet priest now climb the ladder and La knight suplex priest off the ladder.

Escobar and Nakamura are on the ladder and a knight grabs a bigger ladder Escobar gives Knight a hurricane from a ladder. knight pushes Paul and ricochet off the ladder and both fall through a table that was set up earlier. knight has his hand on the case and a broken arrow from priest and now Mr money in the bank.

official result Damien priest now Mr money in the bank

overall thoughts was a good match some good spots were chaos as we expected

match 2 Ronda Rousey &Shayna Baszler Vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriquez Unified women's tag team Championship

liv starts of the match with Baszler and she has gone straight for Liv's shoulder and missed liv got the upper hand and put her out of the ring and Raquel put Ronda and Raquel then used Liv as a human missile. Baszler has taken control of the match but focuses on Liv's injured shoulder. Baszler tags in Ronda and continue to focus on livs injured shoulder and leg codebreaker by Liv and tag to Raquel, double submission by Ronda and Baszler then Raquel breaks it up Baszler turns on Ronda like wtf and oblivion for the 123 and new women's unified tag champs

official result and newwwwwwww women's unified tag team champions Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriquez as

officially thought it a very decent match and really did not see the turn happen during this match but it has opened the door for Shayna Baszler for a singles push but my god that changed a lot of things for the women's division

next, we get a backstage interview with the new Mr money in the bank Damien priest

Match 3 Matt Riddle Vs Gunther Intercontinental Championship Match

Gunther has started this match off strong and Riddle has not had much offence and hasn't managed to get out of the corner a few chops by Gunther. riddle now fighting back with a few chops of his own Gunther then sweeps riddled legs and tries to remove the strapped-up ankle on Riddle. Michael Cole mentions that Gunther has never lost a singles match Gunter continues to work on the ankle and the some offence from Riddle, floating bro from Riddle for a two-count half. submission and tap out and by Riddle and Gunther still icc holder is

two-counts official result Gunther is still icc champ

official thoughts very good back-and-forth match and Gunther picked up the win we hear Drew McIntyre's music hits and I mark it out as it was not the return I was excepting

and he gives Gunther the Glasgow kiss and a claymore then lifts the ic belt so looks like he will be Gunther's next challenger.

Match 4 Dom Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

love how during entranceCody'sin the ring that Barrett is bopping away to it time to getWadethe match. A bit of cat and mouse for Dom he then slaps Cody then takes off his cast to Cody involved surprise. Rhea Dom's wanting outside to hit her she then gets involved in the match. 3 omegas by Dom to his but only managed two and Cody Cody suplexes then a disaster kick from Cody kick out by Dom crowd chanting Cody Cody Rhodes Ripley on Domapron and Dom goes for 619 but Cody counters Cody cutter and cross Rhodes for the win.

official result Cody the wins

overall thought as soon as Cody took the cast of Rhodes knew he was winning the match all in all a good match but a bit weak of a finish

Cena returns to address the WWE universe and says he's here to try and bring mania to London and says he's not for just one more match wow, now Grayson Waller arrives and starts going on about his movies and other stuff. Waller is getting called a wanker he said I don't need too and he needs to let Waller be Superman Waller keeps talking smack cheap shots at Cena then Fu from Cena to Waller.

match 5 Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Iyo Sky vs Trish Stratus vs Zoey Stark vs Becky Lynch vs Zelina Vega vs Bayley

so Samantha the ring announcer said that Bayley was part of judgement day instead of damage control. Zoey stark doesn't even let the man get in the ring. due to the chaos out of the ring sky and Vega grabs a ladder and Vega still stuck under the ladder. stark and trish go to set up a ladder and fail the crowd now chanting hey Bayley oh aw I wanna know If you want to be my girl and she tells the crowd to shut up. both Bayley and Iyo position the ladder and can't decide who should climb first and Becky gets the way and punches Zoey Iyo. Bayley hits Starkelbow drop from an ladder a ontoLynch, summersault from iyo sky takes out everyone but Trish and now climbing the ladder Becky cuts her off. Becky no going to climb the ladder but Trish stops her now Bayley and Iyo get involved with satisfaction but Trish to Bayley on the ladder. Zoey stark has a set of handcuffs and tries to cuff Lynch to the ring didn't work. manhandle slam by Becky to Trish. code red by Vega to stark from the ladder. iyo climbs the ladder and Bayley stops her Becky and Bayley try to climb and using the cuffs still attached to her as a fish hook then iyo cuffs both her and Bayley together and iyo climbs the ladder and becomes Mrs money in the bank.

official result iyo sky is Mrs money in the bank

overall thoughts it was a very slow match but back and forth some very good spots in it and it very good move by a to cuff both Becky and Bayley together

match 6 Seth Freakin Rollins Vs Finn Balor world heavyweight championship

Michael Cole mentions the tape on IyoRollins's ribs from the attacks that Rollins has suffered at the hands of the judgement day and mentions how Finn attacked Seth last night at a Newcastle live event. back and forth so far and Seth has tried to protect himself and has been a dull start Finn continues to punish Seth and attacks the ribs. Close line by Rollins now back into the middle of the ring trading blows then Seth goes for the stomp Finn counters it sling blade by Finn Seth counters it with a buckle bomb Finn up top and Rollins meets him at the top turnbuckle counter by Finn goes for contra and Seth counter pedigree by Seth and a kick out by Finn the comes priest and Finn try's a roll-up. priest sits at priest the ringside and Balor does two cougars outside the ring and the gets back in the ring and goes for the sling blade and Finn goes up top for another coulda priest stands up Finn misses and Seth does stomps 123 and still world heavyweight champion Seth freakin Rollins.

official result Seth Rollins and still the world heavyweight champion

overall thoughts was a good match took a bit of time to get going and had the teased cash in by the priest when he appeared

we then have an interview with both Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn about the upcoming match bloodline civil war

match 7 and main event Roman Reigns & Solo Sokia Vs The Usos Bloodline Civil War

jimmy starts the match with Solo but Solo looks very conflicted Jimmy hit Solo with 2 /3 chops now Solo returns the favour tag in now Jey is the legal man Roman has just demanded that Solo tags him in and he does so. jey just took off his gear and took a few shots and Roman and he said he is the only one and attacked Jimmy on the outside and the ref didn't allow Jimmy to retaliate as always Roman was outside the ring and Heyman talks trash about usos jey now again the legal man big right by solo and kick by roman. solo took control then Jey made a tag and now Jimmy is the legal man and solo catches Jimmy with a forearm crowd starts a chant stand up if you hate Roman stand up and called the English crowd a bunch of idiots. Tag to Roman driveby to Jimmy cover and a 2-count big boot by Roman another kick out at 2 by Jimmy. Jimmy tries to tag Jey but solo pulls him off the ring to prevent the tag. roam sets up for Superman punch and fail both he and Jimmy fall to the floor. Jey and Solo now the legal men jey did the rock punch combo which was good to see Jey takes out both Solo and Roman outside the ring Superman punch then another in the ring goes to Spear and Jey makes tag double spear by the usos. superman punch by Roman Jimmy kicks out at 2 roman now telling the crowd to shut up superkick by Jimmy and another Roman has the guillotine locked in. ref is knocked out and a 1 d by the usos and 10 count by the fans stacked the usos and the usos went for double splash missed it and spear to jimmy spear and spike to jey they get stacked up and double kick out .solo tries to out jimmy through tae and put lf through it jey super kick superman punch by Roman spear then kicks and does a low blow . Jey uso wins the match for the usos and it's the 1st time in 3 and a half years since roman reigns was last pinned .

official result winners the usos

overall thought started off boring but interesting near the end


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