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WWE Legend Says THIS Star Is The "Modern-Day Macho Man"

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has called Seth Rollins the modern-day Randy Savage.

Kevin Nash made the comparison on a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast. Kevin Nash stated that while he didn't like Swth Rollins' character initially, he has made the 'Macho Man' link over the past couple of months, crediting the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion for being "really f***ing good" between the ropes as well.

Said 'Big Daddy Cool

"I didn’t like the Seth ‘Freakin’ character for quite a while. But then I just realized, in the last maybe two months, that he’s kind of like the modern-day Macho. He has that kind of, the glasses and the… he’s just got kind of a Macho Man vibe. If you were to modernize Macho Man, it’d kind of be Seth. Plus, he can work his f***ing ass off. He’s really f***ing good."

At the time of writing, Seth Rollins was 171 days into his reign as World Heavyweight Championship, defeating AJ Styles in a tournament to crown the inaugural holder of the revived belt in May.

Although he has strayed into more earnest territory as of late, Seth Rollins' current gimmick, 'The Visionary', is among its most outlandish, incorporating colourful aesthetics and an over-the-top persona, hence the 'Macho Man’ comparison.

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