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WWE Head Coach Announces In Ring Retirement Of Former NXT Talent

A-Train With The Scoop!

Earlier today WWE head coach Matt Bloom had the following to say:

“My position now as a head coach, I oversee my coaches. I have an amazing staff, so I gotta give props to those guys.

Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley, Steve Corino, Alexander Winkler, ‘Oney Lorcan’ Chris Girard, who just recently retired from being in the ring, Johnny Moss, and we have a few UK coaches that are on the cusp of being full-time coaches as well.”

Bloom, AKA Prince Albert, A-Train, Giant Bernard and Lord Tensai has announced that Oney Lorcan has officially retired from lacing up his boots. Lorcan was a part of NXT until he was released in November 2021

Lorcan had the following to say on twitter: "I stepped away from performing in the ring. I'm not sure if I've had my last match, but if I have, I had a blast." For the latest news from the Rasslin world head to Got a figure itch that you just can't scratch? We got you: Follow us on social media by searching @RealRasslinUk and subscribe to our YouTube channel for some amazing podcast guest and figure reviews @RealRasslin_UK


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