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WWE has an Organic Problem

The improbable rise of Sami Zayn in WWE has fans debating about why the former Bloodline member isn't going to be involved in the main event at WrestleMania

Ever since Triple H took over as the head of WWE creative the storylines, surprises, and matches seem to have more meaning. The shows have a better flow and are more watchable than the last several years of Vince McMahon putting the titles on the same people, time and time again.

However, WWE management and, the mantra 'What’s best for business', seem to have a problem with the fans organically making stars they don’t see as top guys. That's pretty obvious.

Look at Kofi Kingston and Kofi-Mania. The will of the fans and Kofi’s sure determination earned him a title shot at WrestleMania. No one, and I mean not one official or higher-up in WWE, had Kofi pegged for that big spot at the world's biggest Premium Live Event. The fans absolutely pushed them into that decision.

Fast forward to 2023 and Sami Zayn. Again, here is a veteran of the squared circle that has put his all into his character, and the Bloodline. And WWE just doesn’t see him as a main draw. But don’t tell that to the fans.

Yeah, going into Wrestlemania, you definitely want big names because they equal big bucks. The spotlight has to be on a high-profile match with the company's stars. You can’t have someone that casual fans might not know in a big spot on the big show, right? Wrong.

Sami Zayn’s push is so organic it screams Sami-Mania, much like Kofi-Mania

When Sami said 'Ucey' on TV and everyone in the ring broke. The fans saw it. Even those that don’t watch the WWE religiously were posting and talking about Sami making Reigns, the Uso’s, Solo, and Heyman break character in the ring. He damn near broke YouTube because people wanted to see this third wheel make the Tribal Chief laugh. That's how good it was.

This storyline has gone on for 9 long months, but it hasn’t been boring. It hasn’t been dragging; it’s been one of the best long builds to a WWE storyline since the Mega-Powers Exploded.

It's exactly what any wrestling company that's doing a long, slow burn to a storyline wants. This is what makes those WrestleMania moments every wrestler talks about. The fans are captivated by Zayn. We were just waiting to see when and who would break first. Sami’s reaction to Roman bullying him even made Jey Uso walk away. The intrigue, the doubt, and the build need to have a big payoff now.

That payoff must come at WrestleMania

Unfortunately, the WWE banked on The Rock to hopefully appear at The Showcase of the Immortals, but his schedule just won’t allow for it. His getting into ring shape in time is out the window.

With no Rock in the picture, and Cody winning the Rumble, Sami is getting stiffed right out of a main event match at 'Mania. In exchange for an Elimination Chamber match with Reigns, no less. Far be it for me to say this is a bad move, but it’s a terrible move.

Yes, Cody earned his main event spot, but so did Sami. In all honesty, if WWE had any testicular fortitude, they would make Reigns face Cody at Mania night 1 and then give Zayn his shot at Mania night 2... and split the belts. Roman Reigns claims that he's The Head of the Table. Well, show us that you’ve earned it. Most WWE/WWF champs that have had long title reigns didn’t rely on their cousins interfering left, right, and center.

You want to eat at the head of the table? Then put both of your belts up at WrestleMania and wrestle back-to-back nights.

Sami Zayn’s rise - from helping The Bloodline, to turning on KO, to now turning on Roman - was perfectly over the top. Now, the fans at Raw, Smackdown, Premium Live Events, and house shows want to see him win now. Just like we willed Kofi to get a shot, we are doing the same with Sami. He's so over that the WWE needs to catch this lightning in a bottle and run with it.

I mean, after all, the WWE says they always do what’s best for business. Right now Sami Zayn getting a bigger match at WrestleMania is definitely what’s best for the business... and for the fans!

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