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WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Reflects On The Attitude Era

Booker T recently provided his thoughts on the differences between the current era of WWE and the Attitude Era, as well as how the business has continued to evolve through multiple management changes over the years. On "SHAK Wrestling", Booker T explained how Triple H is continuing to help it evolve going forward. "Even going back before the Attitude Era, I mean business was always hot you know? WCW back in the day, we were pulling big numbers, but with time you know things evolve ... back when you know, Vince Senior was running the company, it was run a certain way, then it changed you know when Junior came in because he saw things from a younger perspective. You know then Junior got older and now Triple H is in there and he sees it from a younger perspective. I think that's all it is, I just think it's evolution." 

Booker T also commented on those who believe the current era is possibly better than the Attitude Era, which Booker T said, "The Attitude Era is something that we're always going to talk about, it's always going to be something that was a part of you know, your life, my life in some way shape or form, but I do understand what you know guys like Cody Rhodes is talking about as far as this era now, this is their era, I mean is it better than the Attitude Era? Well you know to them, they should want to try to make it better than the Attitude Era." 

Booker T has recently also commented on Ilja Dragunov's call up to the main roster at the "WWE Draft," and listed where he thinks the "Mad Dragon" will land on "WWE Raw". 

Thank you to "SHAK Wrestling" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: WWE

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