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WWE fans convinced CM Punk is making shock return at Survivor Series after ‘obvious’ reference on Sm

WWE fans are more convinced than ever that CM Punk could be making a sensational comeback after a reference on SmackDown.

There has been plenty of speculation that the former world champion could re-sign with the company after being fired from rivals All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following a backstage incident at Wembley Stadium with boss Tony Khan and wrestler Jack Perry back in August.

With Survivor Series set to air from CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago in November, fans are running rampant with fantasy booking and rumours of what would be a seismic return.

Viewers think WWE commentator Corey Graves dropped a big hint on Friday night SmackDown by referencing a line linked to the Voice of the Voiceless from his time in Ring of Honor.

While discussing this weekend’s Last Man Standing match at Fastlane between World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and his challenger Shinsuke Nakamura, Corey Graves teased: ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making people forget that he existed.’

He’s tried to play it down since on X (Twitter), writing: ‘You guys should really see The Usual Suspects.’

However, plenty of fans are still becoming convinced after what many claimed was an ‘obvious’ reference to CM Punk during a time when viewers are already picking apart every nod to the ‘best in the world’.

‘That cm punk tease was too obvious 😂😂😂,’ wrote one fan, as another added: ‘I’m sorry but the teasing from WWE is right there if you actually pay attention. CM Punk is going to WWE, it’s obvious now.’

And a third person joked: ‘At this point WWE is playing games with CM Punk fans.’

CM Punk left WWE under very acrimonious circumstances in 2014, as he walked out and was later served documents confirming his release on his wedding day, while in 2018 a judge ruled in his and Colt Cabana’s favour in a defamation lawsuit filed by then-WWE doctor Christopher Amann.

While it appeared bridges have been burned and some top WWE superstars have been vocal in their issues with CM Punk during his backstage visit to Raw the passing of time has people thinking there is business to be done.

Even back in 2020 Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, who is currently in charge of WWE creative, and his wife Stephanie McMahon were both publicly open to the idea of bringing him back in after he returned to be part of Fox’s WWE Backstage show.

‘If it was right for them, for the company, for everyone involved, then absolutely,’ Triple H told in January 2020 when asked directly about CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee 19 months before his AEW debut.

‘I personally enjoy watching both of them perform,’ Stephanie had teased shortly before. ‘For sure, that would be interesting.’


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