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WWE Expected To Land HUGE $375 Million Deal

Leading financial services organisation J.P. Morgan is expecting WWE to land around $375 million annually for its next Raw media rights deal.

As aggregated in the Wrestling Observer's Daily Update, J.P.Morgan's latest analysis of the WWE and partner organisation UFC's business claimed company stock is currently undervalued, and should be trading at around the $100 mark.

For Raw's television deal, J.P.Morgan expects a 42% increase up to $375 million/year. USA currently pays WWE $265 million annually to broadcast Raw on Monday nights, though the media rights situation with American wrestling is currently in a state of flux.

It was recently confirmed that SmackDown will be leaving FOX in October 2024, with USA Network acquiring the rights. That deal is understood to be worth around $1.4 billion cumulatively. Raw and NXT remain in play and both are up for renewal, as are rival company AEW's television rights.

J.P. Morgan lists Disney, Amazon, Warner Bros. Discovery (whose TNT and TBS channels broadcast AEW content currently), and USA as potential bidders for WWE's remaining media rights. Warner Bros. Discovery is considered a longshot due to their AEW affiliation, though there is a belief that after losing WWE, FOX may chase AEW content.


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