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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Review

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Elimination Chambers 2024 Review. So let's get into it.


Hartwell starts against Kairi Sane as the Indi chants start. A shoulder block by Hartwell knocks Sane back, Sane with clubbing blows from behind, locking in a side headlock. Indi lifts her up, sends her into the ropes, and a boot to the midsection knocks Sane down. Tag to LeRae, assisted cartwheel splash (the Koala Challenge apparently!). Sane gets a tag to Asuka but LeRae wails away at her in the corner. Step up senton on the back of Asuka gets a 2 count.

LeRae to the middle rope but Sane kicks her off from the apron, and Asuka heads outside to drag LeRae back in. Sane back in, hair toss sends LeRae into the corner. Sane misses a sliding lariat, tag to Asuka though, who attempts an ankle lock, into a German suplex! Sliding knee by Asuka, tag to Sane, who ascends the ropes and gets a flying forearm for 2. A hip attack by Asuka takes Hartwell off the apron, a bulldog by Asuka and a basement dropkick by Sane allow Asuka to cover for 2.

LeRae gets an enziguri on Asuka and makes the tag to Indi! House of fire clotheslines, meeting of the minds, and a spinebuster on Asuka. Slams Sane on top of Asuka and covers for 2! Hartwell knocks Asuka to the apron, running splashes her to the outside and brings her back in. LeRae tags in, springboard moonsault for 2. Tag Indi again as LeRae dives off the apron to take out Sane. German suplex by Asuka on Indi, rollup by Indi though! 1, 2, no. LeRae back in, and goes for an assisted ropewalk but Sane pulls Hartwell off the apron, unbalancing Candice. Tag to Sane, InSane elbow combination with the reverse DDT from Asuka, and that’s enough to get the 1, 2, 3 for the Kabuki Warriors.

Official Winners - STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kabuki Warriors - 8:37

Official thoughts - Good showing from both teams, serving its purpose perfectly in warming up the crowd.

We are live at the Optus Stadium as the main Elimination Chamber show gets underway and the Chamber itself begins to lower, ready for our opening contest.


Locked in the pods, we have Belair, Rodriguez, Stratton, and Morgan, which means we’re starting this one out as Lynch vs Naomi.

Lynch gets a grounded side headlock, whipped off the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block. Naomi with a shoulder block of her own, and a rollup for a 1 count, pinning combos traded for multiple 1 counts, until Becky gets a backslide for 2. Becky bridges out of another pin, arm drags traded and they come to a stalemate. They shake hands, and both go for kicks but grab the legs. They release, Becky with a headscissors into a Disarmher attempt, but Naomi with a kick to escape.

Lynch follows Naomi to the outside, kicks Naomi into a pod, and whips her into the chamber wall but Naomi climbs! Naomi with the legs around Becky’s head, drives her head first into the chains. Naomi jumps off the chamber wall into the splits splash!

Back in the ring, they collide with a double crossbody as the 10 countdown appears. And here comes Tiffany Stratton!

Tiffy Time begins, taking on both Lynch and Naomi with cartwheel splashes in the corner. She covers Becky first, then Naomi, but both kick out at 2. Spinebuster on Lynch as Tiffy covers, 1, 2, no.  Tiffany gets Becky on her shoulders but Becky avoids it and Naomi comes off the top with a big diving crossbody for a 2 count on Lynch. Naomi goes between two corners with consecutive splashes, but Lynch is back in this one with a fallaway slam on Naomi.

Tiffany has Lynch on her shoulders and tries to get Naomi up there too but Naomi avoids it. Stratton then hits a Finlay Roll on Naomi, but Lynch gets up the buckles and hits a Russian Leg Sweep off the middle rope. Naomi capitalises with the splits splash again for a 2 count. Split legged moonsault on Lynch by Naomi, Stratton interrupts the pinfall. Countdown appears and it’s time for…Liv Morgan!

Liv takes Stratton outside and whips her into the pods, repeatedly. Backstabber by Morgan to Lynch in the ring, and a lungblower to Naomi. She hits back and splashes in the corner on Naomi and Lynch, followed by rising knees. Diving lungblower on Becky for 2. Stratton out of nowhere with a running stomp on Morgan! Naomi and Stratton head outside, cartwheels, but Naomi begins to scale the chamber again. She kicks Stratton away, but Lynch joins the fray. Bexploder into the chamber wall! And the Dis-Arm-Her THROUGH the chains is applied!

Morgan and Stratton are back in the ring now, stomped by Morgan but Naomi is on top of the pod, sunset flip powerbomb to Morgan! But Stratton is right there to wrap up Naomi in a tight cover, 1, 2, 3, Naomi has been eliminated! That brings up the countdown and now Raquel Rodriguez joins the match.

Rodriguez picks up Becky and drives her repeatedly into the chamber wall before a fallaway slam sends Becky back inside the ring. Now Rodriguez swings Stratton headfirst into the chains. Rodriguez and Morgan are in the ring, but Rodriguez sends Morgan outside, holds on to a lungblower attempt, and now Rodriguez suplexes Morgan into the chainlink fence before holding on and throwing her back in the ring.

Lynch and Stratton double team Rodriguez, Morgan joins in for a double DDT and all 3 cover Rodriguez but she still kicks out. Countdown appears and Bianca Belair is here!

Shoulder block by Belair on Lynch, tilt a whirl gutbuster on Morgan. Stalling suplex on Lynch and a kip up, Belair means business! Stratton from behind, grabs the ponytail but gets planted for her troubles. Now Belair and Rodriguez come face to face. Belair gets Rodriguez up but gets booted away. Rodriguez brings Bianca to the outside, suplex attempt, rebounds off the ropes and Bianca reverses into a spinning DDT on the floor. Bianca gets Rodriguez on her shoulders, but Tiffany kicks her away, leaving Rodriguez lying across the top rope. Morgan appears on top of a pod! SENTON OFF THE POD on the prone Rodriguez!

Tiffany and Lynch fight on top of the pod now. Lynch is looking for the manhandle slam, but no she shoves Lynch off the top of the pod onto Raquel below. Tiffany is still on top of the pod…HUGE Swanton Bomb takes out Lynch, Belair and Rodriguez on the outside! It’s Tiffy Time in Perth, damn!

Morgan and Stratton trade blows in the middle of the ring. Stratton with a Finlay Roll to Morgan, but Morgan gets an ObLIVion in quick response to get the 3 and eliminate Tiffany Stratton. Rodriguez bounces Belair off the ropes in powerbomb position, rebounds her off the chainlink fence and powerbombs her into the ring. Spinning corkscrew elbow by Rodriguez on Morgan. But Lynch is in and gets the Dis-Arm-Her! Rodriguez gets to her feet but Lynch rolls through into an armbar…and Raquel lifts her…Liv goes for an ObLIVion but Raquel holds on and slams both Lynch and Morgan.

KOD by Belair and that gets the 3, Raquel Rodriguez has been eliminated! Wheelbarrow slam on Morgan by Belair, and a military press on Lynch, slamming her onto Morgan. Handspring moonsault on both women for the pin, but they both kick out. Belair gets Becky on her shoulders looking for the KOD but ends up sending her to the outside. Morgan goes for a headscissors on Belair but Bianca catches her and whips her into the chamber. Liv kicks Belair while Becky is on Bianca’s shoulders, causing a Samoan Drop into the chamber wall. Liv sends Bianca face first into a pod to capitalise.

But Becky is back in this one. Combination DDT/reverse DDT on Morgan and Bianca, but back in the ring Belair fights back and gets the 10 count punches in the corner. Morgan flips into a sunset flip powerbomb for 2, and Lynch is right there on the top rope, dropkick to Morgan. 1, 2, no. Morgan and Lynch battle on the turnbuckle, superplex by Morgan, Belair with a 450 from the other side of the ring but Lynch gets the knees up! KOD attempt by Bianca but Liv avoids it and counters with a jawbreaker. Codebreaker to Lynch!

Bianca with the KOD to Becky but Becky lands on her feet, rollup by Morgan… Liv just pinned Bianca! Bianca Belair is eliminated. Becky is right there with the Manhandle Slam to instantly pin Morgan before she has a chance to get her wits about her!! 1, 2, 3!

Official Winner - Becky Lynch - 32:19

Official thoughts - Massive props to Tiffany Stratton in this one, who was heavily involved in the early goings and made the very most of this opportunity, looking like a legit star alongside all the other well established competitors. Fun finishing sequence here too, as Lynch winning in that manner kept everyone else looking strong.


Dirty Dom grabs the mic during Mike Rome’s super special ring introduction, to massive boos. As Dom finishes, Dunne and Bate attack him with a double clothesline out of the ring. Dunne with a moonsault to Priest off the apron to the floor. Running SSP by Bate on Balor gets a 2 count right off the bat, Balor back with a snapmare and an elbow to the back of the neck. Bate gets a headscissors and Dunne gets a tag, working on the arm of Balor.

Bate in, and Priest knocks him down with a straight right hand. Sitout suplex by Priest, and a tag to Balor, who elbows the top of the head of Bate. Balor grounds things with a sleeper but Bate gets to his feet and backs Balor into the corner. Balor right back with the hold though, backed into his corner but Priest grabs the hair and slams Bate down before tagging himself in.

Priest stomps Bate down in the corner, and with the referee distracted, Dirty Dom gets a cheapshot in. Balor is in with a jumping single leg stomp, backbreaker and an assisted leg drop by Priest for the cover, but Dunne is in to break it up. Dunne gets knocked to the outside by Priest as Balor comes back in. Judgment Day is in control and taking their time. Chop to the chest of Bate, but Bate back with a diving European uppercut! Dunne is back on the apron and Bate makes the tag! Enziguri to Balor, kick to Priest, another enziguri and a step up shining wizard takes Balor to the floor. Bruiserweight off the middle rope with a moonsault to the floor on both members of the Judgment Day!

Dunne brings Balor back in the ring, stomps on the hands, tags in Bate and they hit a double team German suplex/lariat combo for 2. Balor sweeps the legs on Bate to turn the tide and tag in Priest. Bate avoids a splash and looks to get Priest on his shoulders but Priest avoids it. Pumphandle clothesline turns Bate inside-out, 1, 2, no!

Double team sideslam/elbow drop combo by Balor and Priest as Balor works on Bate against the bottom rope. Bate counters with a spinning Deep Six, gets Priest on his shoulders and nails the Airplane Spin! Tag to Dunne and Bate with the tope con hilo through the ropes on Priest. Dunne gets a cover on Balor but Dom is there to interrupt. Bate informs the referee…who ejects Dominik from the ringside area!

Balor with a rollup from behind for 2, then a Slingblade on Dunne.  John Woo dropkick goes up top, misses Coup De Grace and Dunne capitalises with some joint manipulation. Tag to Bate, the double Tyler Driver. Connects! 1, 2, Priest breaks it up! Dunne dives over the top rope to take out Priest, but Priest catches him, and chokeslam onto the apron. Bate in the ring receives the Bloody Sunday from Balor, 1, 2, no. Priest tags in as Balor tells him to put him away with the Razor’s Edge. Bate reverses, and sends Priest awkwardly into the buckles to knock off Balor, bit of miscommunication there. Bate and Dunne with double team kicks but Priest looks for a double chokeslam, no! Double Birminghammer by the challengers, 1, 2, NO!

Running knees by Dunne and Bate on Priest, they take him to the top rope, looking for a double Tyler Driver off the top, but Balor holds on to Priest’s legs. Priest gets a double South of Heaven chokeslam, and Balor comes in with the Coup De Grace out of nowhere on Dunne to get the 1, 2, 3.

Official Winners - STILL Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: Judgment Day - 17:27

Official thoughts - All four men were capable of this, but I didn’t expect such a banger. The traditional tag feel early on was well played, and it just kept building and building. A couple of awkward/botchy moments hold it back from greatness, but this was a damn good defence for Balor and Priest, and the New Catch Republic looked like they belong on PLEs as they delivered.

Austin Theory is in the middle of the ring, and he welcomes us to Austin Theory Live. He tried Vegemite this weekend for the first time, and it’s disgusting. That’s just a snack, he needed a real meal so he went to Outback Steakhouse. This gets big boos from the crowd. He now brings out his boy, Grayson Waller as it is time for The Grayson Waller Effect.

Grayson Waller gets a big pop and heads to the ring, even drinking a ‘Shoey’ with UFC’s Tua Tuaivoso during his entrance. TKO, baby!

Grayson Waller welcomes everyone to the Grayson Waller Effect, and he thinks this might be the greatest day of his life. He does the Aussie Aussie Aussie shtick as the crowd plays along, and then he wants to get to the biggest story in all of entertainment. Waller introduces Seth Rollins first. The crowd have a good sing-along with his theme, and then it’s time for Cody Rhodes to make his way out. It’s getting dark out in Perth, so Cody gets the big stadium pyro deal. Nice.

Cody asks Perth what they want to talk about. But Waller objects to that, it’s his show, and he wants to take a moment to acknowledge our Tribal Chief. Waller then asks Seth who he wants to fight at Wrestlemania. Rollins knows the Chamber is stacked, but he has a scoop, he has some inside info. Seth is just days away from being medically cleared to compete. So whoever wins that Chamber match, they don’t stand a chance. It’s the biggest Mania of all time, the world will sing his song, and he will do what only he can, put on a show like nobody else on this planet because he is Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

Waller: Cool story, bro.

Does Waller mention that Mania was going to be Reigns vs The Rock…was Cody selfish in taking that away from us? Cody says he is a fan of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and if he were here, he’d call Cody a candy something, prattle on about roody poo poo, something about pie. Cody mentions the ‘Cody Crybabies’ and he asks if there are any in the stadium tonight…big cheers from the crowd to confirm they are indeed here. The thing that Rock wouldn’t want to talk about is the conversation they had, and why Cody originally stepped out of the Mania main event.

Cody thinks to be the People’s Champ, you have to be around the people. Cody has an announcement himself…Rock slapped him across the face, and at Wrestlemania 40 Cody will face Reigns, but until then he’s wide open. And he wants to wrestle The Rock one on one, any time, any place! Rollins says they should cut the head off the snake once and for all. Rollins admires the challenge, but everyone knows there is no such thing as one on one when it comes to The Bloodline. So if and when The Rock decides to take him up on that challenge, he won’t be fighting that battle alone.

Waller is excited about the scoop on this show…but Austin Theory grabs the mic. Theory gives Cody an ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ what you think. Rollins hypes him up, finding it entertaining. He gets Theory to give the big ‘If Ya Smellllll’ but then sends Theory head first into Waller’s set. Waller backs up and watches. Stomp by Rollins to Theory! Cody and Rollins shake hands to cement their working relationship, and Cody officially has an ally in his battles against The Bloodline.



Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Logan Paul, and Randy Orton are the competitors locked in pods, and we start this one off with Drew McIntyre and LA Knight.

Staredown between McIntyre and Knight until they come to blows. Chops by McIntyre in the corner, Knight with a swinging neckbreaker. Suplex by Knight, up to the middle rope and an elbow drop for a 1 count. Drew backs Knight into the corner and throws him overhead in a release suplex. ‘CM Punk’ chants and Drew laughs it off. Drew does the Go 2 Sleep pose, and goes for it! But Knight escapes and hits a sunset flip and a drive-by dropkick. He launches over the top rope with a shoulder block to knock Drew into the chainlink fence. On the outside, Knight bounces Drew’s head off Logan Paul’s pod repeatedly, and Paul seems amused by it.

Knight then bounces Drew’s head off Owens’ pod, and Owens smacks the inside of the plexiglass in time. The countdown appears…and here comes Kevin Owens!

Chokeslam by Owens on Knight and a senton for 2. Drew attacks Owens from behind and sets him up on the buckles but Owens fights him off. McIntyre backs up, headbutts by Owens knocks him down, and a frog splash from KO gets 2. Knight whips Owens into the corner, right into a big boot from McIntyre. Body slam by McIntyre on Knight, Owens hits a lungblower on McIntyre, and the landing acts as a senton on Knight. Owens kicks the pod of Logan Paul before returning to the ring, setting Drew up in one corner. Owens is looking for a superplex, but Drew kicks him away, only for Knight to take over. Drew fights both men off, but they double team him. Owens and Knight ally but Drew hits a crossbody to take out both men. The timer appears on the screen, which means it’s time for…Bobby Lashley!

Lashley goes right for McIntyre, but McIntyre gets a belly to belly throw on Lashley. Futureshock DDT attempt thwarted, Lashley sends McIntyre to the floor and heads out after him. He slams Drew back-first into the chains. Suplex on the floor by Lashley! Hurt Lock attempt, but Drew backs Lashley into the chains, only for Lashley to clothesline McIntyre over the top rope back inside the ring. Massive Glasgow Kiss headbutt by McIntyre! Drew to the top rope, Lashley avoids it and just dumps McIntyre with a modified spinebuster.

Lashley and Knight go at it now, Dominator attempt misses, and Lashley rolls up Knight and gets a 2. Next up joining the match is…Randy Orton.

Orton hits his signature clotheslines and a powerslam on Kevin Owens looks for the DDT but Owens sends him outside… Orton grabs him again and hits the Vintage DDT to the chamber floor! Inside the ring, Lashley hits a flatliner on McIntyre and goes between two corners with clotheslines on McIntyre and Knight. SPEAR to Knight by Lashley! Drew avoids a spear, and Lashley goes shoulder first into the buckles. Orton is down at the side of the ring, clutching his lower back, and either he’s selling very well or he’s hurt.

Knight with a DDT to McIntyre on the outside! Orton and Knight in the ring, back suplex by Orton, but that again jars his own back. The timer goes off and here comes Logan Paul but Kevin Owens is waiting for him by his pod! Owens sends Paul back into his pod, beating away at him, before sending him into the opposite pod.

Owens clotheslines Paul to the floor and joins him out there but Paul quickly takes control and whips Owens into the chains. Owens with a roaring clothesline, rocking the chest and neck of Paul! Lashley grabs Owens from behind and throws him into a pod, breaking through one side of it. SPEAR TO LOGAN PAUL THROUGH THE OPPOSITE POD!

Lashley turns round right into a CLAYMORE from McIntyre! Drew rolls him back in the ring, and Knight takes over, but Lashley looks for the Hurt Lock. Knight avoids it, and another Claymore from McIntyre eliminates Bobby Lashley!

Drew and Knight go at it again, and Knight stomps him down in the corner. Orton gets involved, back suplex to him by Knight. McIntyre heads to the top rope again but Knight jumps up there and finally hits the superplex. Orton looking for the RKO, no! Blunt Force Trauma but Orton tried to minimise the damage, slightly blocking it. AJ STYLES IS HERE! He starts wailing away at Knight with a steel chair. Styles Clash on the chair!! Referees are in to escort Styles out, but the damage has been done and McIntyre makes the cover. 1, 2, 3…LA Knight has been eliminated.

Owens and Paul on the outside, capture shoulder breaker on the knee on the outside! Cannonball by Owens to both McIntyre and then Orton in the ring. Swanton to Orton, cover, 1, 2, no. Owens heads to the top, Swanton to McIntyre but Drew got the knees up. McIntyre signals for the Claymore but Owens hits the Pop-up Powerbomb! Paul in, STUNNER by Owens! RKO attempt, blocked, Orton avoids the powerbomb, stunner attempt, no, RKO BY ORTON. 1, 2, 3, Kevin Owens has been eliminated.

Orton and McIntyre face off now, and commentary is playing up the back injury so it’s gotta be a work. Drew and Orton trade right hands, powerslam by Orton! But here comes Logan Paul, shot to the midsection, but Orton cuts him off on the buckles. Orton joins Paul on the buckles, but Drew with shots to the back of Orton. Orton and McIntyre trade more shots, RKO attempt, but no, neckbreaker by McIntyre. Kip up by McIntyre….and Logan Paul launches off the top of a pod with a crossbody.

Logan Paul pulls out the brass knuckles from his tights and takes his time gloating about it but Orton with an RKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE. 1, 2, 3! Randy Orton has eliminated Logan Paul!

We’re down to Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. Futureshock DDT avoided, Orton looks for the Vintage DDT and hits it. McIntyre is down as Orton signals for the RKO…McIntyre shrugs it off though and sends Orton into the ropes, nailing a spinebuster. Orton is down now as McIntyre signals for the Claymore. But Orton collapses before he can stand. Orton is clutching his back as the referee checks on him, and McIntyre approaches…RKO!! Wait, Logan Paul comes back in, brass knucks to the face of Orton! McIntyre rolls Orton over, 1, 2, 3. Drew McIntyre is going to Wrestlemania.

Official Winner - Drew McIntyre - 36:54

Official thoughts – This had a pretty slow start, and the pacing kept dragging, feeling a little too methodical at times. We got the usual big Chamber spots which were fun but nothing new, and while everyone had their moments, no one particularly shone in this. Decent intrigue towards the end though as the eventual winner wasn’t a foregone conclusion, and Drew looks strong as a contender, going wire to wire in this. Also, Logan Paul vs Randy Orton at WM could be terrific, I like that set up.

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque makes his way to the ring as he wants to say thank you on behalf of the WWE for inviting them into their home. Attendance is announced at 52,590 in the Optus Stadium. The big time pyro goes off to celebrate the occasion.


Lockup to start, Nia shoves Rhea into the corner. Ripley with a headbutt and rope-assisted headscissors on Nia! Rhea looks for the Pumphandle but no, Jax shrugs her off and hits a senton. Nia tosses Ripley into the corner again and hits a splash. Hip attacks on Rhea, but Ripley fights back, only for Jax to knock her down again. Leg drop to the back of the neck by Jax. Ripley tries to kick her from the canvas, but Jax traps the arms behind her and hits a surfboard stomp.

Stretch Muffler locked in by Nia Jax, switching it up into the single leg crab. Jax sits out on the back of Rhea to keep her grounded. Nia then gets Ripley on her shoulders, locking in the Torture Rack….but Rhea transitions into a guillotine choke! Rhea escapes behind her looking for a sunset flip and Jax tries to sit down on top of her, but Ripley avoids it.

Ripley again goes for the rope assisted headscissors but Jax puts the brakes on and hits two consecutive powerbombs. Leg drop to the back of the neck, cover for 1, 2, no. Jax drags the champion to the corner and looks for the Vader bomb but Ripley pulls the legs. Ripley up top, missile dropkick takes Jax down. 1, 2, Jax kicks outs.

Samoan Drop by Jax, again goes for a leg drop but Rhea avoids it and hits a running dropkick. The champion heads to the middle rope, but Nia cuts her off with a forearm and heads up to join her. Samoan Drop off the middle rope by Nia Jax! 1, 2, no.

Ripley gets Nia on her shoulders by the buckles and drops her face first into the top rope. Rhea heads up top, shimmies and hits the Frog Splash for a 2 count. Ripley looks for the Pumphandle but again Nia avoids it and sends Ripley to the outside. Jax on the apron, goes for a kick but Rhea grabs the leg and throws it back, sending Jax face first into the apron. Rhea rips off the announce table cover, and signals for a powerbomb! Jax gets her up on her shoulders though and hits a Samoan Drop into the announce table! The table doesn’t brake so Jax moves around to the other side and hits an elbow drop on Ripley through the table.

Back in the ring, Annihilator connects! 1, 2, no! Jax takes a moment to think what to do and climbs the buckles but Rhea shoves her to the apron. Ripley gets to the middle rope, pulls Nia up there but Nia shoves her back. A headbutt by Nia knocks Ripley down, and Jax goes to the top rope! Rhea meets her there! SUPERPLEX! Big boot by Rhea, and she hits the Riptide! 1, 2, 3.

Official Winner - STILL WWE Women’s World Champion: Rhea Ripley - 14:40

Official thoughts – This is the best Nia Jax has looked in a while, and she did everything she needed to here, so no complaints in that respect. Pretty good throughout and a nice moment for Ripley, but it suffered from the result never being in question. Sometimes an obvious result doesn’t affect things, but it did take away some of the drama here. 


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