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WWE Crown Jewel Review 2023

We Start with the kick-off show and the panilets are as follows Megan Morant, Matt Camp, and Peter Rosenberg. They start by running down the entire card before heading to a video package for Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre.

They move on to a discussion of Iyo Sky vs. Bianca Belair and then head to a video package for John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa. Next up is a discussion of Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Zoey Stark vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax followed by a video package for Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest.

Kick-Off Match Jd McDogah Vs Sami Zayn

The crowd is firmly behind Zayn to start, and McDonagh knows it. Zayn goes for a tie-up, but McDonagh backs into the ropes to create distance. McDonagh catches Zayn with an arm wringer, but Zayn flips out and quickly transitions to an arm bar. McDonagh muscles Zayn to the corner and then drags him down to one knee with a side headlock.

Zayn traps McDonagh in the corner and goes to work with mounted punches. Zayn slams McDonagh’s face into the top turnbuckle and turns him inside out. McDonagh drops Zayn's neck-first onto the top rope and then goes to the ground and pounds offence.

McDonagh chops Zayn in the corner, but Zayn reverses positions and chops McDonagh. McDonagh fights back with a modified stunner and then takes Zayn up top. McDonagh sets up for a superplex, but Zayn shoves McDonagh back down to the mat. Zayn goes for a diving crossbody, but McDonagh counters with a mid-air drop kick.

Zayn regains control with a clothesline and a big backbody drop. McDonagh heads up top and goes for a moonsault, but Zayn gets his boots up. Zayn hits an Exploder suplex into the corner and follows up with the Helluva Kick. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets the three count.

Match Result: Sami Zayn defeats JD McDonagh with the Blue Thunder Bomb.

The Kickoff Show finishes up with a video package for Roman Reigns vs. LA Knight.

Match 1 - World Title Match - Seth Freakin Rollins v Drew Mcintyre

The match starts with both men locking up and Drew pushing Seth to the corner, Seth gets the upper hand on Drew and knocks Drew out the ring, Seth dived out the ring but Drew catches him and hits a belly-to-belly. Seth's back is sore, but he still keeps going on Drew Drew hit a spinbuster before both men take turns chopping each other.

Drew runs to Seth who is in the corner for Seth to move and Drew goes shoulder first in the ring post, Seth hits Drew with multiple different kicks before hitting a Swanton from the ropes, and Seth hits a flying arrow for a two-count. Seth hits a suplex off the ropes for Drew to roll into his suplex for a two-count. Seth went for a buckle bomb but his back gave out and Drew hit a future shock DDT for a two-count again. Seth hits a suicide dive out of the ring onto Drew,

Drew puts Seth back into the stairs to make his back worse and then hits a side slam onto the side of the ring. Seth manages to hit a pedigree and Drew just managed to get his shoulder up at two.

Drew found his second and went for a clamore but Seth hit a supper kick followed by the stomp but Drew still managed to kick out at two. Seth attempted a phenoix splash but Drew moved and hit a clamore but Seth kicked out at two. Seth hits a pedigree and a stomp for the three count.

Official Winner - STILL World Champion - Seth Freaking Rollins

After the match, Damian Priest runs down to the ring and tries to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but before he can, Sami Zayn emerges from the crowd and slams Priest into the ring post. Zayn grabs the MitB briefcase and flees back into the crowd.

Match 2 Women's Fatal 5 Way For Womens Championship Nia Jax Vs Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Bazsler vs Zoey Stark vs Raquel Rodriguez

Jax heads to the outside to start as everyone else goes after Ripley. Baszler tries to suplex Stark, but Stark floats over and lands on her feet. Jax dumps Ripley face-first onto the apron, and then Rodriguez levels Ripley with a clothesline. Ripley fights back with a low drop kick to Rodriguez and then works over Stark in the corner. Rodriguez squares off with Jax, and they slug it out in the middle of the ring.

Ripley tries to lift Jax but can’t get her up. Jax hits a Thesz Press and follows up with a running leg drop. Rodriguez goes for a Big Boot to Baszler, but Baszler catches the leg and locks in a leg lock. Baszler ties up Rodriguez, Ripley, and Jax in simultaneous submission holds, but Stark breaks it all up. Stark heads up top and Ripley and Rodriguez follow her up top.

Baszler slides under Ripley and Rodriguez and hits the double powerbomb / superplex Tower of Doom. Rodriguez connects with a corkscrew elbow drop to Jax. Ripley and Rodriguez level each other with double Big Boots, and then Stark kicks them both to the outside.

Stark dives onto Ripley and Rodriguez on the outside and then rolls Ripley back into the ring. Stark hits Z360, but Jax breaks up the pin. Rodriguez hits Jax with the Tejana Bomb as Baszler locks in the Kirifuda Clutch on Ripley. Ripley breaks free, but Start takes her up top. Rodriguez covers Baszler, but Ripley delivers a super Riptide to Stark onto Rodriguez and Baszler to break up Rodriguez’ pin. Ripley covers Baszler and gets the three count.

Official Winner and still Women's Championship Rhea Ripley

Match 3 John Cena Vs Solo Sikoa

we get the usual build-up to this match and Solo enters the first Cena then enters a massive pop. 2018 was the last time Cena won a singles match waist lock and headlock takedown Cena then stamped and solos hand and worked on the arm that he uses to do the spike. Cena goes for a cover and gets a 1-count of both men outside and Cena hits Solo's arm on the stairs Solo Takes Over control of the match and slows things down cena goes for a run toward Solo and he takes him out with a spinning kick.

Solo continues to slow the match down and goes for spike and misses and Cena goes for Aa and Solo super kicks him and gets a two count. Solo goes for the spike again and Cena reverses it into an STF then solo reverses into a pin gets a two and when both men get up solo clotheslines Cena.

Solo went for the move in the corner and went for the spike again cena avoided the shoulder tackle and now gives the U can't see to solos five knuckle shuffle Cena stocking for aa counter form solo and give Cena the Samon drop.

Cena crosses body from the top turnbuckle and gets a 2-count backend forth with reversals for both men solo goes for spike again and Cena again counters with a chokeslam for a two-count.

commentaries mention 5-year singles loss for Cena and then solo did the spinning solo for a two count and then solo hits Cena with a spike and Cena gets up and gets spiked again and Cena gets up again and a 3rd spike by solo and still not covering him.

Counties hitting the spikes and solo sikoa wins

Miz Comes out for Miz TV

the Miz welcomes Ibrahim Al Hajjaj to MizTV, but Grayson Waller interrupts them. Waller says it’s nice to have an actual movie star on MizTV. Waller calls for the Grayson Waller Effect to get set up in the ring, but Miz can’t believe what he’s seeing. Al Hajjaj says that he came to be on the hottest talk show in WWE… MizTV.

Waller says this is his show and his ring, and he doesn’t like being disrespected in his ring. He tells Al Hajjaj to get out of his ring. Al Hajjaj squares off with Waller, but Waller easily drops him. Miz sets up Waller for a big kick from Al Hajjaj, and then Miz hits Waller with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Al Hajjaj hits the People’s Elbow before celebrating with the Miz.

Match 4 Logan Paul Vs Rey Mysterio Us Title Match

Elbow Tie by Logan Paul nice back and forth by both men now Rey is on the second rope and sends Logan Paul to the opposite corner and goes to go for a submission but Logan Paul rolls out the ring the ref gets to a 3 count before Paul gets back in the ring.

six one 9 attempt but Paul reverses it and puts Rey back on the apron paul has now taken control and given the strikes to Rey in the corner and the ref counts to 4 then paul throws him to the other corner and Rey just lands in the middle of the ring.

Rey Steps on Paul's Foot and then Paul Reverses into a tilt whirl paul then does the warrior splash and gets two counts the match is currently favouring Paul with how he's slowed it down. Paul has now given Rey a Barehug in the middle of the ring and Rey tries to fight back logan Paul has Rey where he wants him and goes to run towards him and Rey reverses it.

Rey then does a Suicide dive outside the ring gets back in the ring hits springboard cross body for a two count and hits 3 different pinning combinations always getting the two count.

Paul Goes Titanium Loaded punch and Rey reveres it into a cross-face and then Paul takes over and delivers like a tombstone piledriver and Paul gets the two counts now takes Rey to the top rope while trash-talking.

Logan Paul Does a fallaway slam into a moon sault and gets the two count paul went for a powerbomb and Rey counted into a six 1 9 attempt and Paul countered and we had a back and forth then Rey did a powerbomb.

one of pauls men handed him brass knucks and he dropped them santos escobar arrives and chases him away Rey goes for the six 1 9 and Logan has brass knucks on

as reys goes for the splash Paul stands up and hits Rey with the brass knucks

Official Result Logan Paul Wins and New US Champion

Match 5 Iyo Sky Vs Bianca Belair Womens Chamiponship

Stated with Bianca put Iyo in a waist lock and slammed her down twice and has been in control since Iyo got a bit of offence and focused on Belair's injured right knee. once got back in the ring Bianca jumped over iyo and jumped over her and then went to go to the corner but Iyo moved and Bianca hit her shoulder off the turnbuckle.

Iyo focused on the injured knee and had a submission move on and then Iyo went for a missile drop kick and Belair moved out of the way both women currently down both women back to their feet and Belair did a suplex and went for the two-count and trying to get the blood flowing in her right knee.

Belair has Sky on the top rope Iyo slips underneath and reveres it a bit back and forth and a waistlock by Belair and gets a two-count both women exchange blows and Sky then attacks the injured knee again.

Belair is outside the ring and is in a tug of war with the hair Belair wins it and Bayley turns up and gives instructions to Sky Belair goes for Kod but Iyo counters it and they both end up outside they get back in the ring and a two count for sky.

Bleair with a spine buster and a two-count were out of the ring and Belair went to give Bayley the kod in the middle of the floor Kairi Sane then stopped her and threw her into the ring post the ref got to an 8-count.

Belair Gets back in the ring and Sky hits moonsault from the top rope

Official Result Iyo Sky Wins and Still Women's Champion

post-match beatdown by Kairi and Iyo on Belair and Bayley looks on shocked

Match 6 Cody Rhodes Vs Damien Priest

Damien priest attacked Cody before the bell rang cody went to the corner and went for the ten punches but priest rolled out of the way. Cody goes for a suicide dive and then priest moves out of the way.

Priest goes to work on the left ankle that he previously injured during raw back and forth by both and Cody goes for the punches and priest reverses then Cody goes for the disaster kick.

Both men were outside the ring Cody cleared the Saudi announce table then the priest gave Cody a clothesline from hell Damien went for the razor edge but Cody reversed it then priest went into the ring post-Rhodes then hit a suicide dive. Cody went to cross Damien's reverse.

Finn Balor turns up McDonagh gets in the ring and Cody punches him and they shout for Dom, and he brings a chair and then Jey comes out and kicks all 3 and they all leave.

Cody hit Cody's cutter for a two count then Daimen hit with a big kick to the hit and Cody cutter from the top rope and then a two-count, 3 crossroads to priest and Cody wins

Official Result Cody Rhodes Wins

Match 7 and Main Event La Knight Vs Roman Reigns WWE Championship

We get the build-up for this match with a graphic about Regins being Champion for 1,160 days and asking to acknowledge him and we then get the video package to follow.

Roman goes for knight and knight gets the upper hand regins takes over and starts mocking La Knight back and forth by both men and La Knight gets put outside the ring crowd chanting for Knight Regins tells them to shush.

Knight goes for the dive and gets a 1 count both men are now outside the ring and Regins reverses it and throws Knight into the corner of the stairs now at a 5 count roman then throws Regins back into the stairs again Regins get back in the ring ref at a 7 count.

Knight beats the count and gets back in the ring and Reigns delivers a suplex and gets a 1 count this is Reign's first match since Summerslam and hasn't been pinned in four years in a single match inside leg by Regins and a kick out at two by knight.

Clothesline in the corner by Reigns crowd now chanting asshole to Regins and mocking the crowd and Knight gets a bit of offence back and forth between both men in the ring.

Side Russian leg sweep by Knight and pin combination for the two count rock bottom by reigns and a kick out at two by Knight, Roman going for Superman punch and Knight reverses for neck breaker and then Roman reverses for Superman punch and a 2 count.

Reigns goes for a spear and Knight jumps over him and then gets to the corner and kicks him and then goes for the superplex and goes for La Knight's elbow for a 2-count.

Solo arrives in the Ilse way and it distracts knight Jimmy Turns up and helps reigns out the ring Romans go spear and only gets the two count.

regins now punching Knight in the ring and trash-talking has Knight in a neck choke Knight gets back to his feet and body shots at Reigns and a bft by Knight and then Jimmy puts his foot on the rope.

Knight goes out of the ring and takes out Jimmy puts him through the announce table and then Reigns puts Knight through the announce table puts him back in the ring gives him the spear and retains

Official Result Roman Reigns is Still the undisputed champion

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