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WWE Announces Top Free Agent WILL Debut Before WrestleMania 40

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

WWE officially announced that none other than Jade Cargill has signed with SmackDown on this week's episode. Further, Jade Cargill will play a part in the build towards WrestleMania XL in the coming weeks.

The company ran a vignette for Jade Cargill on last night’s show. In it, Jade Cargill was shown arriving in the company last year, then popping up across Raw, SmackDown and NXT since. WWE has kept fans guessing, but blue brand GM Nick Aldis got his in-character wish by inking an exclusive deal with one of the top free agents around.

Jade Cargill is 100% blue, at least for now.

The most interesting thing here is that Triple H decided to bring Jade Cargill to the main roster TV as an active worker before 'Mania. Most expected he'd wait until Philly was in the rearview mirror, especially considering WWE's final push towards the biggest weekend of the year is about to go into overdrive.

Nope, Jade Cargill will show up as a SmackDown talent next week. It remains to be seen whether she'll work a match or just cut an introductory in-ring promo. Watch this space, people!

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