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Wrestling Toys for Christmas

Be it a Little Stinger or a Hulkamaniac what better gift to unwrap as a kid on Christmas Day than a wrestling toy. Those toys have not always been the hyperrealistic ones that Jazzware or Mattel put out today. Sometimes they were just plain out kookly. Sit back and relax while we look at a few line of wrestling figures that a kid may nor may not have been lucky to receive.

The WCW Gross Out line. This series of three wrestlers came out in 2000. The period where it seems WCW was just throwing things at the wall and seeing what would stick. Sting came with a bat and his eyes bulged knocking off his face paint. Sid Vicious would pop a brain out of the top of his head. Goldberg would spit water thru a gap in his teeth. The design is very cartoonish.

Maximum Sweat Series by the WWF. Starting in 1999, WWF released a series of figures where you could add water to make them sweat. Each figure came with a variety of accessories. Similiar the previous listed action figures they were very cartoonish. Either lucky or unlucky Stone Cold Steve Austin was immortalized in all four of the Maximum Sweat Series.

Sticking with action figure that will get you wet. WCW came out with a line called Bash at the Beach named after one of their hallmark Pay Per Views. This series even had an optional ring. This is probably the first series on the list that as a kid I would have been happy to receive. They are as realistic as for the day and came with some cool accesories. Not shown on the box is Diamon Dallas Page. He had a Diamond Cutter Cannon that came with him.

Let's go way back to the first action figures available in the United States the 1984 AWA line of wrestlers. Unlike other figures, for the most part, These came in pairs. Although even wrestlers without abs had a thirty pack. The 1985 series would feature the first Ric Flair action figure which included a white robe. The indivdual who accompanied Flair was Larry Zybszko who had a removable red coat. This line was produced by Remco which is known among colectors for their Universal Monsters line. Remco is now owned by Jakks Pacific.

Closest I can find for a name on these is the Power Punch. Back when they were new they felt state of the art to me. I had a couple of dozen of them. The Giant aka Paul Wight being able to chop his opponents with just a lever from the back was awesome. Sting came with a bat that he could swing with a similiar mechanism to hit his opponents. Having owned them I will say the disapointment came from the fact that their crotch would break, The solid plastic used did not last either that or I was just a little hard on my wrestling action figures.

WCW Grip and Flip wrestlers. This line had limited arm action but that limited arm action was made up for when you squeezed the legs and they flipped thier opponent without you having to hold the other action figure. Also you can see where the Ocho could pick up the locker and throw it. This line had a total of seven sets over two seires. I personally ike the DDP and Raven combo with the trash can. Those two just looked cool and had a stellar fued at the time.

No list would be complete without the nostalgia of the LJN series. This was the first popular line of wrestling figures. These were hard plastic and not much fun to be honest. However. like the AWA figures they were better than nothing. AEW has even emulated them with two Cody Rhodes figures and a Darby Allin one. The first series would have stands for the figures making them more ornamental than toy. Junkyard Dog and Roddy Piper have the honor of beig the first wrestling figure to have varaints.

WWE and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did one of the coolest cross overs. The above image is that of their first series. Granted I could do without the John Cena Leonardo this is a really cool line. Michalagelo really suites Macho Man Randy Savge. Then below Michalegelo is Rowdy Roddy Piper. Albiet I do think that is more of a Raphael Not only is there a Finn Balor Leonardo but it is a Demon Finn Balor. I have talked with my fellow round up regular H and we both think a ball was dropped with not having Kane as the Shredder.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane of wrestling figures of the past. If you would like to get the modern wrestling figure use this link to jump on over to our store.

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