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Wrestling Legend Wants WWE To Give Sting "A Better Send Off"

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Bully Ray thinks WWE owes Sting "a better send off", and added "never say never" on the company someday booking the icon against The Undertaker in a dream match that's been heavily discussed since the 1990s.

Some wrestling fans will giggle at that because both megastars have now retired, but Bully Ray told fans via Busted Open Radio he isn't 100% certain anybody could ever rule it out for good. Money talks, and all that. However, Bully Ray did admit there's only "a tiny chance" Sting vs. Undertaker could come to fruition in the modern era.

He'd like to see Triple H pick up the phone and try to "trump what AEW did" by offering Sting a match at WrestleMania. Maybe not this year at 'Mania 40, but in the future. That's highly ambitious and more than a little far-fetched from the Hall Of Fame tag-teamer, but that's when he reiterated his "never say never" thoughts.

Most would agree that Sting's sought after WWE run was a miserable experience. He worked four matches in total for the promotion, including losses to Triple H at 'Mania 31 and Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions 2015.

Bully Ray wants to see Triple H put that right.

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