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WrestleMania Night 1

Review of WrestleMania Night 1

Hello Laddies and Gentlemen. One half of your Irn-Bruiserweights Craig giving you a review of night one of Wrestlemania so let's get in to it.

The show starts with The Miz and Snoop dogg opening the show and talking about what they have done.

The first match is Austin Theory V John Cena for the United States Championship

The match started with John Cena getting the upper hand on Austin theory with knock downs and heavy hits. Austin Theory then stopped the momentum by biting John Cena ear and then starts to get the upper hand. They trade blows. The referee gets knocked down and John Cena has the STFU on Austin Theory who taps and John Cena stops as he thinks he won and this opened the door for Austin Theory who hit a low blow and his finisher A-Town Down

winner by pinfall and STILL your United States Champion Austin Theory

I thought this was a good match to start the night

The Second Match is the men's fatal 4 way tag match with The Street Profits V Alpha Academy V The Viking Raiders V Braun Strowman and Ricochet

The match started with Ricochet and Chad Gable with both men trading blows. After a little all 4 teams where in the ring and trading blows. A member for each team taking turns tried to come of the top turn buckle and missing until Braun Strowman came of the top and did a splash. Braun Strowman then went round once for the Strowman express and when he went round the he was stopped from Angelo Dawkins. Montez Ford hit a splash on Ricochet for Dawkins to pin him.

Your winner by pinfall The Street Profits

I thought this was a good match as at times there was a lot going on and some big moves

The third match of the night is Seth Freaking Rollins V Logan Paul

The match started with Seth Rollins getting the upper hand until Logan Paul managed to sort himself out and then he got the upper hand. Both men have then exchanged being on top with heavy blows. When on the outside Seth Rollins hit a stop on the stairs to Logan Paul's hand. Logan Paul punched with the right hand but Seth Rollins kicked out. The Prime mascot was revealed to be KSI and as just as Logan Paul was away to come off the top rope on to Seth Rollins on the announce table Seth moved and pulled ksi on the table and and Logan hit the splash on KSI. Both men are going back and forward hitting finishers and big moves and getting near pins. Seth hit a supper kick when Logan Paul was going cost to cost then hit the curb stomp.

Your winner by pinfall Seth Freaking Rollins

I thought this was an amazing match and both men showed there skills and there was loads of big moves and both.

The Fourth match is Becky lynch & Lita & Trish Stratus V Damage CTRL

Before the bell went both teams was hitting each other with Becky, Lita and Trish getting the upper hand. Becky got Dakota Kai in the ring and the bell rang. Dakota Kai got the upper hand and Damage CTRL where doing frequent tags. Most of the match Damage CTRL have been in control with little flurry's from Becky, Lita and Trish. Becky hit a manhandle slam from the top rope and went for the pin.

Your winners by pinfall Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus

I thought this was a good match both teams going for it and shown what they can do.

The fifth match is Rey Mysterio V Dominik Mysterio

The match starts with them tied up with Dominik over powering Rey. Rey got the upper hand till Dominik went over to his mum and sister and threw a drink in his sisters face and Rey came to stop her going for her brother so Dominik hit Rey with a cheap shot.Dominik had the upper hand till he was shouting at his mum and she slapped him so Rey then got the upper hand. Finn Balor and Damion Priest appeared at ring side. Rey hit the 619 and as he went for the splash Finn Balour distracted the referee so Damion priest stopped Rey. Legado Del Fantasma came to help Rey. Dominik went for the chain out the pocket but bad bunny stopped him and Rey hit the 619 and the splash

Your winner by pinfall Rey Mysterio

I thought the match was a really good match and showed what both men are capable off.

Your sixth match is Charlotte Flair V Rhea Ripley for the Smackdown Woman's Championship

The match started with them testing there strength. Rhea has had the upper hand on Charlotte. Rhea keeps the pressure on Charlotte with heavy hits. Charlotte gets the upper hand for a bit. Rhea goes to hit the riptide but Charlotte counters with a DDT, Rhea kicked out. Rhea did a suplex off the ropes but Charlotte kicked out. Charlotte hits the big boot and goes for the pin but Rhea kicks out. Charlotte hits the spear after getting out of Rhea’s submission but Rhea kicked out of the pin. Rhea hit a riptide from the ropes and pins Charlotte.

Your winner by pinfall and NEW Smackdowns Women's Champion Rhea Ripley

I thought this was a good match as both women showed what they can do and went for it the only thing I think was bad is it went on longer than I feel it should of with too many false finishes.

The miz and Snoop Dog where in the ring announcing the total of attendance. When the miz says he put out an open challenge but no one answered then Pat McAfee comes out and Snoop Dogg makes the match official.

Your seventh match is Pat McAfee V The Miz

The mat h starts with Pat getting the upper hand and The Miz walking away and pushing George Kittle from the San Francisco 49ers who jumps the barricade and close lines The Miz then Pat McAfee dives off the top rope to take The Miz out. Pat gets The Miz back in the ring hits the punt and goes for the pin

Your winner by pinfall Pat McAfee

This was a quick match and basically a squash match.

The Main Event of the Evening is The Usos V Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships

The match starts with Jey Uso and Sami Zayn they start with a test of strength where Jey puts Sami in a head lock but Sami gets out and get on the offence till Jimmy tags in and The Usos get the upper hand. The Usos keep on the attack and make tags to keep fresh. Sami managed to get The Usos out the ring and get the tag to Kevin Owens who has went straight in the attack. The Usos had a little momentum until Kevin Owens got the upper hand again. The Usos are back to having the upper hand and beating down Sami. The Usos put Kevin Owens through the announce table. The Usis hit the 1D but Sami kicks out. Jey Uso hits a haluma kick on Sami and as Jey is talking to him Sami hits him in to the corner and makes the tag to Kevin Owens. Both Sami and Kevin Owens hit there finish bit Jey Usos kicks out. The Usos hit a supper kick and do a double splash on Kevin Owens but he kicks out. Kevin Owens tags in Sami and he delivers a triple hula kick on Jey and went for the pin.

The winners of the match and the NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

I thought this was a really good match and was back and forth and both teams showed what they can do. For me the winners are the correct choice.

Overall I thought this was a really good night 1 and hope night 2 is the same


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