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With her never-say-die attitude, Ruby Soho is a perfect fit for a championship in AEW

Ruby Soho has been fighting her way through the ranks of the All Elite Wrestling Womens Division, leading fans and observers to wonder how long it will be before she finally strikes gold

Ruby, Ruby... when will you grab the gold?

AEW star Ruby Soho has been riding high in the women's division over the last few weeks and being featured prominently on the promotion's programming. The veteran has picked up some important wins on television, and she looked like a warrior in her recent Street Fight tag team battle. She teamed with Willow Nightingale in a destructive donnybrook against Taye Melo and Anna Jay.

The guts and resilience the four women displayed in this bout were unbelievable. Their collision was so violent that it even drew some criticism from some fans and observers on social media. The lasting image of the night was seeing Soho on the mat, bathed in blood.

In many ways, this is the Ruby Soho that we've all been waiting for.

When she signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2021, the former Ruby Riott had already been featured on both NXT and World Wrestling Entertainment programming. Unfortunately, her push there always seemed to get a lot of stops and starts. Even making her the head of her own faction didn't seem to get this promising talent over in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

It also didn't help that Ruby, with her punk look and multiple tattoos, doesn't look like the cookie-cutter, manufactured models that the 'E' has long been known for. She's a down-and-dirty wrestler, who doesn't mind having a little grunge on her dusty jacket.

While she may be 32, her youthful look and righteously rebellious attitude still appeal to Gen Z. In that essence, she's almost forever young. Like a legendary rock star, Ruby Soho still manages to stay relevant and on the cutting edge of culture, despite being a veteran with over a decade of experience.

In fact? She's so down that Rancid lead singer Lars Fredrickson himself gifted her the name Ruby Soho, along with the song itself to use as her entrance theme.

Long removed from the WWE and the Riott Squad - the vehicle that was supposed to make her a household name - she's really just hitting her stride now. Always impressive visually, she was once criticized by some over her in-ring work from time to time. However, she's improved by miles in that area, and today, her pacing and timing match the electricity that the Ruby Soho character so perfectly personifies.

Now that she's back to her winning ways, it seems like the time is right for Ruby to finally capture her first title in All Elite Wrestling. She's now reaching nearly 18 months since she signed with Tony Khan. The AEW President invested in her vastly untapped potential and the belief that she could be a cornerstone of the division eventually.

That time is now. And it starts with some gold around Ruby Soho's waist.

A little over a year ago (Jan 5, 2022) she faced Jade Cargill in the tournament final to crown the inaugural TBS Champion. She ultimately fell short.

Since then, Big Jade has gone undefeated and still holds the title. On the flip side, Ruby went into a bit of a slump for part of last year. She's bounced back strong, however, so perhaps another round with Cargill could be coming up soon for her.

This is a logical feud for Soho to pick up on in early 2023. The young phenom vs. the proven star is always a story worth seeing. While Soho could easily be a credible Women's World Champion, there's a logjam at the top right now with multiple challengers lined up to take shots at current AEW titleholder Jamie Hayter. So it might be best for her to bide her time and focus on the promotion's secondary belt.

At least, for now.

As far as an angle with Jade is concerned? It almost seems as though the two women contrast each other perfectly. Ruby battled her way for years just to get to AEW, while Jade is the chosen one. Soho is a rough-edged, street fighter, while Cargill looks more like a perfected prototype that was created in a laboratory. It's a literal Rocky vs. Drago angle that could be played out with this one.

Also, if Soho were the one to lay the first loss ever on a surefire superstar? It would be quite an accomplishment on her resume. Especially if it happened for the championship at one of the company's major events.

Regardless of how they get her there, Ruby's main destination right now should be to climb the championship mountain. She's put in the time. And there's no doubting the blood, sweat, and tears that she's already spilled for the organization. It's all right there --- on video, on the internet, or on the mat. Ruby Soho has earned her stripes, and she's done it all while garnering a phenomenal fan following.

Now, she's ready to fulfill her destiny in All Elite Wrestling. It's time to wrap some gold around Ruby.

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