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Winter is Coming 2023

The third editidon of winter is coming has finally arrived. The first one seen the debut of Sting. The second one had a time limit draw between AEW Champion Adam Hangman Page and Daniel Bryanson. Tonight we have been promised five extra minutes. What will happened tonight?

The night started with Joe comandering the broadcast. He accused Adam Page of being the Devil. Page did not take this lightly as he came out to defend himself. Roderick Strong and the Kingdom to defend his young boy Adam Page. Page would punch Strong.

Roderick Strong versus Adam Page then started. Hangman has a nice combo of the Fallaway slam standing shooting star press. Stong is able to have control with a headlock. Hangman gets out and delviers a big boot. The Kingdom is paying dividends tonight. Bennet disracted the ref while Taven kept Adam Page from jumping off the top onto Roderick Strong. Both men would eventually go for a discus lariat at the same time knocking each other down. Hangman gets a two off a death valley driver. Roderick Stong does a tiger driver for two. He then transitions into the stronghold a variation of a Boston Crab. Adam Page wins with the deadeye.

Both Andrade and Brody King come into this match having 6 points. The two men would trade chops. At first it looked like even keel. Brody King would eventually get the upper hand. Brody did try for the hanging sleeper. Andrade would drop kick Brody's leg. Andrade failed to body slam King but would work on his leg. I don't get the allure of the failure to scoop slam individuals when the size isn't that big between the two guys like here. Brody King would get a near fall with a lariat. Andrade did a ddt like thing to Brody King on the exposed turnbuckle. This was followed up by a hammerlock DDT for the win. Brody 6 points Andrade El Idolo 9.

Orange Cassidy sets up a trios match with Ross and Marshall on Rampage. Nothing special from this.

Jericho just came in to list off his injuries and why he was out for the last three weeks. Jericho then called out the AEW tag champions. Starks tells Kenny to really question if he can trust Jericho. Kenny brings up the Firm and calls Big Bill SAWFT. Golden Jets are cashing in thier title shot on Dec. 30 at World's End. Jericho does play around with giving the tag champs a team name. It fell flat.

Timeless Toni Storm joined the announce team for this match. Ruby started the match by easily throwing Riho to the ground. Soho just dominates the early goings. Riho is another one of the gets beat up then gets a quick victory that TK likes. Riho nice combo into a 619. Sieto Suplex by Ruby. No Future gets Ruby Soho a near fall. Guillotine into a northern lights suplex. Riho wins.

Jay Lethal enters this tournement with no points. Rush has 3. Rush charges in. these two men start with a fast paced action. Jay Lethal only slows it down for a Fargo Strut. Rush faked a bulls horn. Rush also did a powerslam out of the tranquilo pose. That was good for a two count. Lethal Combination into a figure four attempt. Rush countered with a pin. Rush tries for the Bull's horn and receives a thrust kick, Shortly after Rush puts Jay Lethal away with a sleeper. Rush still has a path to the semi finals.

Jay White has six points going into this match. Mark Briscoe like Jay Lethal has zero points. Briscoe starts off early and aggresively. White does try for an early win. Texas is behind Briscoe who hits a froggybow early in the match. Mark Briscoe is dominating this match. Could he be a spoiler? Jay White does a nice high crotch to throw Briscoe out of the ring. Mark Briscoe pays tribute to Cactus Jack with an elbow drop to the downed opponent on the outside. Mark Briscoe did a massive Razor's edge followed by an attempt at a Jay Driller. Jay White then escapes with a dragon screw. Briscoe goes for a second froggybow but White gets his knees up. Jay White then wins with a Blade Runner. This win mathbatically eliminated Rush.

Both Swerve Strickland and Jon Moxley have 9 points and have yet to lose in this tournament. This is a match that I feel needs to go to a draw to prevent either man from getting points. That would blow this predicatable tournament up. Fans are chanting Holy Shit before the two men even tie up. Swerve starts out with a technical style. The two men would exchange kisses as "clean" breaks. Mental warefare. After Swerve got the clear upper hand and Mox went to the outside, Mox comes back in with a big forearm. The two men exchange blows. Swerve keeps getting the upper hand. Mox would bite the shoulder of Strickland. That was odd but targeted an injured area. Mox uses the apron skirt to punish Swerve's yam bag region as Taz puts it. Swerve caught Mox's leg and pulled off a back breaker. The lead into it was innovative. Mox delivers a Gotch Style Piledriver for a two count. Swerve is able to hit a big roll thru leaping flatliner. No vicotry came about from that move. House Call from Swerve sets up the Swerve Stomp but Mox pushes him off the top rope. Swerve beats the 10 count but gets hit with a curb stomp. 5 minutes remained in the match at this point. Swerve Stomp to a seated Moxley on the outside. Swerve throws Mox back in and hits a second Swerve Stomp. Jon Moxley kicks out. Mox wins with a quick roll up. 3 mins were left in the broadcast. Moxley now has 12 points and Swerve 9.

The devil and his goons take out Adam Page.


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