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Will Ospreay Names Star Who He Thinks Is One Of The Top Five Best Wrestlers In The World

Recently, Will Ospreay appeared on the Battle Ground podcast, where he discussed various topics, including Impact Wrestling, PWG, Zack Sabre Jr., and a lot more.

Will Ospreay gave high praise to Zack Sabre Jr, by he’s one of the top five best wrestlers in the world.

“What people need to remember, I was the one once upon a time chasing Zack for years. I was the young one in our feud. I was always the guy chasing and wanting to find a way to dethrone Zack Sabre Jr., and while I had some wins over him in places like PWG, they were quick victories. I had him just for those three seconds.”

“Growing into like finally finding my heavyweight feet and understanding how to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr., from there it’s always been an equal bout. Zack has played such a tremendous part of my growth as a wrestler without ever being on my side, he’s always been opposite me and I think that is the reason why I have grown so much as a wrestler. Because Zack has been leagues and leagues the best technical wrestler that anyone’s ever seen.”

“And always be in the ring with someone who’s always thinking ten steps ahead of what you are thinking, makes you constantly adapt to want to become a better professional wrestler, I hold Zack Sabre Jr. in the top five best wrestlers in the world. Period.”


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