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Will Ospreay Confident He Can Defeat Bryan Danielson “Easily” If They Faced Off

Will Ospreay has discussed a potential matchup against Bryan Danielson.

The current reigning IWGP United Kingdom Champion called out The American Dragon during a recent interview with Tokyo Sports. Will Ospreay reflected on his incredible performance against Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door 2, then commended Bryan Danielson for his victory at the event against Kazuchika Okada. That being said, Will Ospreay tells the publication that if he faced Bryan Danielson he could beat him easily.

Which match at that event was the most exciting? Wasn’t it Ospreay vs. Kenny? Bryan beat Okada with a broken arm, and I think he was very tough. I think he’s very tough, but on the other hand, he’s injury prone. If I fight him, I’m confident I can beat him easily.


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