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Why Tully Blanchard Can't Rewatch His Classic Cage Match With Magnum TA

For most people, Tully Blanchard's Hall of Fame legacy can be summed up by either his tenure with The Four Horsemen or his tag team with Arn Anderson in both NWA/WCW and WWE, where they became known as The Brain Busters. As a singles wrestler, however, many consider Tully Blanchard's defining moment to be Starrcade 1985, where he and rival Magnum TA squared off in an I Quit Steel Cage match, a bout still considered among the greatest, if not the greatest, in Starrcade history.

Despite that, Tully Blanchard admitted to co-host Conrad Thompson in the debut episode of "TullyVision" that it had been years since he had last watched his magnum opus, which he admitted was due to him being too critical of his work.

"I know I quit watching it because there's a few spots in there that I didn't like that I would've changed," Tully Blanchard said. "And most people say it's...everything was as good as it could be. But I'm probably my own worst critic."

Tully Blanchard conceded that the match, by and large, doesn't frustrate him, noting the atmosphere from the crowd was truly electric. Even still, he can't help but find a few things to critique.

"This is just me when I first watched it, [there were] just little nuances that I, being the professional that I always tried to be if I'd adjusted this and done this, this would've been a better spot, you know?" Tully Blanchard said. "Just two or three things. Cause I don't think...I mean, you look at it, and I haven't watched it in years and years. There's not much that you can do to make that a better match. From the violence to the blood to the everything that we did. And he did beat the crap out of me too."

Thank you to "TullyVision" for the transcription

Photo Credit: AEW

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