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Which version of Alexa Bliss is the best?

It looks as if Crazy Lexi is about to make a return alongside the maniacal Bray Wyatt, but which one of Alexa Bliss' personas does the WWE Universe enjoy the most?

Without a doubt, one of the most decorated and accomplished performers in WWE over the last ten years has been Alexa Bliss. As the first woman to have held both the RAW and Smackdown Titles, she's not only a trailblazer but a bit of an overachiever, as well.

Bliss was not considered one of the blue-chip stars of NXT in her initial days with the promotion. Often overlooked compared to her contemporaries like Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, Little Miss Bliss never stopped improving in the ring or on the microphone. Eventually, she would earn her rightful spot among the elite stars of WWE. Her charm, good looks, and athletic ability vaulted her to levels many thought she might never reach.

Now one of the company's biggest names and most recognizable faces, she's certainly written several chapters in her sports entertainment story over the years. Still just 31 years of age, Bliss has lived several pro wrestling lives already. She's captured five world championships, played on many stages, and been many different people.

That last part may be what makes Alexa such a great onscreen star: Her versatility. Whether playing a beloved babyface or a hated heel, she draws the audience into what she's creating. And, she plays every part so convincingly well that it's hard to say which role suits her best.

That's further evidence of a true performer. She gets lost in whatever role she's committed to.

As Little Miss Bliss, she was able to portray a spoiled, bitchy character who generally got what they wanted. It didn't matter who she had to step on. She was going to accomplish her goals - by any means necessary. This often can be called her 'mean girls' phase, where she would bully other competitors like Nikki Cross or Nia Jax. Often by using their looks or any other shortcomings she could utilize against them.

That character was easy to dislike. She was a reminder of every pep squad princess who never has the time of day for anyone else. Unless she could use them to get what she wanted. For a pretty blonde, it's the dream, heel role, and Bliss played it to perfection.

On the flip side of that equation, however, she's just as lovable as a scrappy underdog. When Alexa is fighting her way back as 'Five Feet of Fury', she can easily rally the fans by her side.

She then becomes like your little sister, who is finally fighting back against a much bigger bully. You can't fight for her, so you can just hold her books and root for her. Because for her to lose such a valiant battle? Well, it just wouldn't be right. And you definitely couldn't go back home and tell Mom that you let it happen.

The other prominent side we've seen of Alexa Bliss has been the one that appears to be re-emerging on WWE programming right now. When she stood side by side with The Fiend, the plucky blonde suddenly became a sullen soldier. Donning black makeup and displaying a macabre look, she plunged into the depths of darkness. She became 'Crazy Lexi', mimicking her mentor... right down to his Sister Abigail finisher.

While it's still not clear what the Wyatt 6 will be or who will be involved, it's been made evident that Bliss will be back in the fold. Her changeover became obvious following the bizarre events of this week's RAW.

She brutally attacked the referee and Bianca Belair, after receiving signals from Wyatt. It appears he is winning the battle for her soul, and 'Twisted' Bliss is on the verge of a comeback. This got a big reaction from the WWE Universe, who seem to approve.

But is this persona really the most effective way to feature the Triple Crown winner on WWE TV? Is she better suited in this insane role, or as a fighting champion? Is the bad girl her best character, or possibly even a whole new gimmick?

With a performer who can do so many things well, it's often hard to say. Bliss is like a Swiss Army Knife of sports entertainment, she can do just about anything.

At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And oddly, the ugliest version of Bliss may be the one that the fans find the most beautiful of all. They clearly find her partnership with Wyatt to be compelling and enjoy her unpredictable alter ego. That's not to say she won't eventually morph back into a more traditional capacity, but it's not what's in demand at the moment.

The WWE Universe wants that old, black magic back. For now, they want to take a walk on the wild side with Twisted Bliss.

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