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Where Did Teddy Long Get The Famous Quote 'Playa' From?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In an interview with Real Rasslin Teddy Long was asked where he got the famous saying Playa from was it himself that come up with it or was it someone else?

Teddy Long confirms it was himself that came up with the word Playa as he had a Labrador Retriever and every time he moved around the house, Teddy Long would be like come on Playa, will you move out the way so he just started saying it to him.

So the next thing he did, he went to TV and he just took it to tv and just started saying it on his own and plus it was slang to that he isn't trying to be racist but it's a lot of black guys say it, a lot of the rappers say come on Playa this and Playa that, so I kind of took it from that and that's how I started saying it to the dog.

I think it's amazing how he told us how he started saying Playa and I found it really interesting listening to the podcast in full!

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