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Welcome to this weeks edition of Collision and this one has potential to be great so let's get things kicked off with our opening match.


Claudio goes for a big boot from the off, but Kingston gets a backdrop driver, sends Claudio to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Chops to the chest in the corner on Claudio, Claudio off the ropes and floats over into the Neutralizer. Eddie on the apron but fights back with right hands. Clothesline from Claudio followed by a running double stomp and then the Giant Swing. Claudio Steps over into the Sharpshooter. Eddie crawls over to the ropes but Claudio drags him back to the centre. Eddie finally gets the ropes to break the hold. This has been a very fast start.

In the corner, Claudio unleashes a flurry of uppercuts and a running dropkick. Cover, 1, 2, no. To their feet, they trade chops until Claudio gets a big short-arm clothesline to knock Eddie back down. But Eddie tries to fire back up! Claudio continues the assault in the corner with alternating forearms and kicks to the face, before driving the shoulder into the midsection. He sits Eddie on the top rope, follows him up there, looking for a superplex but Eddie punches out and knocks Claudio down but Claudio comes in with an uppercut. Back up top, Claudio gets the superplex but Eddie kicks out at 2.

Claudio lays in some shots to the back of the head while Eddie is hanging on the ropes. Clubbing blows to the head again. Back to their feet, Eddie gets some chops in, before Claudio locks in a sleeper. Big boot in the corner, but Eddie shrugs it off! Another boot attempt but Eddie avoids it, hits some chops, but Claudio clotheslines him down for a 2 count.

Ricola Bomb attempt, Eddie puts the brakes on, but Claudio tosses him overhead instead in a gutwrench. Eddie with chops and an enziguri, followed by the Exploder and then A Sambo Suplex. Eddie unleashes the machine gun chops but Claudio fires up, Eddie cuts him off with a straight right hand. Lariat off the ropes. Eddie looks for a piledriver but Claudio drops to a knee. Eddie with knees to the face but Claudio lifts him into a powerbomb. Running European uppercut by Claudio and then transitions straight into a Crossface but Eddie reaches the ropes.

Hammer and Anvil blows from Claudio, Ricola Bomb avoided, Backfist avoided, Claudio gets an uppercut and a pin but Eddie gets the shoulder up. Strike exchange when both men get to their feet, with Eddie getting the Half and Half suplex and a Backfist but Claudio absorbed it, hits another uppercut, but Eddie gets one more backfist. Heres the pin but only a 2.

Another backfist by Eddie, powerbomb attempt but Claudio rolls through. 1, 2, no Eddie rolls through to pin Claudio and this one is all over.

Your winner by pinfall: Eddie Kingston

Is this the start of the underdog story for Eddie. A very fast paced match up here. These two work so well together and Eddie finally has his first win in this competition. Great opener this one. Claudio is incredible and having Eddie win this one makes this special.


Lock-up to begin, Willow backs Martinez into the corner and they break the lock-up. Martinez with a cheap shot after a clean break, stomping Willow down in the corner. Clothesline by Willow, wraps her arms up in the ropes and nails some repeated clotheslines to continue the assault. Shoulder block off the ropes, big boot and a senton splash keeps Willow in control. Martinez rolls outside, Diamante causes a brief distraction allowing Martinez to drive Willow spine-first into the ring apron.

The fight continues  by the announcer’s desk, and Martinez sends Willow into the barricade. By the timekeeper’s table, Martinez drapes Willow over the barricade and hits the DDT to the floor! Inside the ring, Martinez locks in a Full Nelson assisted by the middle rope, then distracts the ref allowing Diamante to get in a cheap shot.

Willow tries to fight back out of the corner but Martinez sends her back into the corner and drives her shoulder into the kidneys and lower back as we head to commercial break.

Back from break as Martinez hits a series of vertical suplexes but Willow blocks the third Amigo and hits one of her own! Bulldog by Willow gets a 2. Hip attack in the corner, followed by a missile dropkick, and a cannonball in the opposite corner. 1, 2, no, Martinez grabs a hold of the rope. Diamante gets up on the other side and Willow smacks her down.

Doctor Bomb attempt, no, Fisherwoman’s Driver by Martinez! 1, 2, no! Backdrop driver by Martinez, and again. Exploder suplex connects, and now Martinez hoists Willow to the middle buckle. Razor’s Edge attempt by Martinez, flips her over into a facebuster but Willow rolls her up for the pin and this one is all over.

Your winner by pinfall: Willow Nightingale

A good showing here by both women, Willow continues to pick up big wins and build momentum. Be interesting to see where her next move is. Is she targeting the womens championship. Guess time will tell.


Wardlow tosses Mack away, but Mack comes back off the ropes, only to be met with a dropkick. Shoulders in the corner, Wardlow takes a run up but Mack pulls the rope, sending Wardlow to the floor. Mack flies over the ropes but Wardlow doesn’t go down! Back in the ring, Wardlow charges and hits the buckles, rollup by Mack! 1 count. Standing moonsault, another 1 count.

Mack goes for the running headscissors but Wardlow caught him in midair and slams him with a powerbomb! Deadlift powerbomb, big time clothesline. Powerbomb Symphony begins…HUGE bomb connects, and Wardlow exits the ring as the referee checks on Mack and calls the match off.

Your winner by referee stoppage: Wardlow

They really are trying to build Wardlow up here as an unstoppable monster with these stoppage wins. But we have seen this before with Wardlow and then he loses and the fans give up. This really is the last chance for Wardlow for the fans to take him seriously in my opinion. This match was a glorified squash tho. Mack was never taken seriously in this one.


I am a huge Ethan Page guy and lets just appreciate how incredible he looks at the moment. He has worked so hard on his physique and looks great.

  Go-behind by Omega, arm-wringer by Page, Omega transitions into a headlock. Shoulder block takedown, but a back elbow by Page and some shots in the corner. We see Tony Nese watching backstage. Kenny with a hurricanrana to take Page to the floor. Omega gets the terminator claps and goes for the dive but Page comes back in from outta nowhere with a cutter, springing off the middle rope!

Both men to the floor now, they trade chops, and Omega whips Page into the barricade, only for Page to come straight back with a clothesline. Page whips Kenny into the opposite barricade, he puts the brakes on and nails a moonsault from the railing! Kotaro Crusher back in the ring gets a 2.

Scoop slam by Ethan Page, Omega with a boot, and a massive suplex over the top rope, sending both men to the floor. Working their way back into the ring, Omega gets a series of jabs, tries for a Half and Half but can’t connect. Ethan is wrapped in the ropes, Omega kicks the rope to send Page to the floor again. They trade blows, and Kenny hits a back suplex onto the ring apron. Page back up and dives off the apron with a diving shoulder block, brings Kenny back in the ring and goes for another cutter but Kenny with a knee to the face blocks it!

Powerbomb followed by the V-Trigger, 1, 2, NO!

Knee to the back of the head, Dragon suplex attempt by Omega but Page gets out of it. Page with the Iconoclasm and a big DDT gets 2! Page is looking for a piledriver but Omega gets the You Can’t Escape, misses the moonsault, but connects with a snap dragon suplex.

Another Dragon suplex attempt, Page ducks, but Omega locks it in and nails the suplex. He lifts Page to the top rope, Page delivers an avalanche power slam! 1, 2, no. Razors’s Edge escaped, Omega goes for the OWA, rollup by Page. V-trigger misses but Page gets a big boot. Series of V-triggers in the ropes. Omega gets the One Winged Angel and the 3 count.

Your winner by pinfall: Kenny Omega

An excellent showing by Ethan Page here. Like I said I am a massive Page fan but did he really need to lose this match. He has been building serious momentum on ROH only to lose against Kenny. A defeat here wouldn’t of hurt Kenny but for me this just makes ROH look weak. That’s just my personal opinion. Kenny is by far one of the best in the world and showed it here but Page could of done with the win here.



Penta and Daddy Magic start this one, and Penta “Cero Miedos” in Menard’s face. Huge Daddy Magic chants. Menard grabs the hand but Penta kicks him away. Quick exchanges to begin, leading to a stalemate. Menard gets in a cheap shot as Penta tags in Komander, and Cool Hand Ang tags in too. Komander flips out of the corner, gets an armdrag and a dropkick combo, and tags Penta back in. Step up enziguri, Komander dives off Penta’s back with a dropkick. Penta monkey flips Komander into both Menard and Parker in the corner with a canonball. Stereo dives to the outside but Parker & Menard cut them off with hard right hands!

All four battle on the outside, until Ang and Komander get back in the ring. Suplex by Parker, 1, 2, no. Double team from Menard & Parker with an assisted elbow drop, and Menard is in with Komander now. Menard with the 10 count punches in the corner, tag to Parker.

Back to the action, Komander avoids double team offense and tags in Penta, who delivers a pair of Slingblades to his opponents. Stereo superkicks from Komander & Penta on the outside, and Penta sends Menard into the barricade. Penta & Parker in the ring now, Made in Japan by Penta! 1, 2, saved by Daddy Magic. Menard in, sunset flip by Penta but Menard rolls through into a boston crab. Komander kicks Menard to break it up, tagged in, and a double team lungblower by Ang & Menard connects.

Penta and Komander set up for a double team spike Fear Factor, holy moly it connects as Komander SSP’s off the ropes into it. And this one is all over.

Your winners by pinfall: Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander

This was a match that Menard and Parker had to win. The crowd were so hot for them and they need a win. They are a great tag team but just aren’t being booked that way. If they were against the Lucha Bros then yeah have them lose but against a make shift team they could of picked up the win here. Just not happy with the booking of this show but hey what do I know.


Both men shake hands to begin in a show of mutual respect. Andrade tries for the Figure Four early but Danielson easily escapes. Test of strength initiated, leading to Danielson with a monkey flip to Andrade to break it. Side headlock by Andrade, Andrade goes for a shoulder block but they collide awkwardly. Shoulder breaker by Danielson into some kicks to the arm. Andrade catches the leg and nails a dragon screw legwhip. Flying forearm by Andrade connects!

Dragon in the corner, Andrade signals for the double knees but Dragon avoids it. Andrade  on the outside, Danielson dives through the middle rope in a suicide dive to the outside, but Danielson grazed the post on his way past. Dragon with chops to Andrade on the outside now, and a headbutt, but Andrade comes back with a boot to the face.

Andrade rips the eye patch off. He starts booting Danielson in the face in the corner and opens up the stitches over his eye! Andrade heads to the middle rope and brings Danielson with him. Dragon nails some headbutts and hits a hurracanrana! Back to their feet with some strike exchanges, kick to the chest by Andrade, but Danielson tosses him over the ropes to the floor. Dragon takes a run up and goes for a dive but Andrade strikes him in the eye socket. What the hell.

Figure Four locked in by Andrade, and Danielson’s eyebrow is busted open. He makes the ropes. Andrade sits him on the buckles again and heads up to meet him, delivering more headbutts and driving the thumb deep in the injured eye! Andrade attempts a suplex but Dragon punches his way out, chop battle ensues! Danielson slaps him away and stands on the buckles, top rope dropkick!

Danielson fires himself up and begins the Yes Kicks. Misses the roundhouse, Andrade rolls him up but Danielson rolls through into the LeBell Lock. He cant lock it in though. They avoid each other’s offense until they both have the same idea and knock each other out with a double crossbody.

Back on their feet, they trade jabs, Gory Special locked in by Andrade! He backs up and backs Danielson into the turnbuckles. Danielson is seated on the top rope again, Andrade heads up and finally gets that suplex off the middle rope. He keeps the arms locked and goes for the Three Amigos, hits it. 1, 2, no.

Andrade heads to the top rope for his moonsaults, but Danielson crotches him. He heads up as well and nails the back drop suplex off the top! 1, 2, no…Danielson locks in the LeBell Lock! He pulls the opposite arm back too but Andrade reaches the ropes with his feet. Off the ropes, Andrade hits the spinning back elbow for 1, 2, no! Rising forearm by Danielson, they lay in some shots on each other. Kicks by Dragon now. Running kick in the corner, but Andrade comes right back with a running back elbow, and the double knees to the back of the head! Double knees again! Danielson looks like he is out. Hammerlock DDT by Andrade gets the 1, 2, 3.

Your winner by pinfall: Andrade El Idolo

Why on earth did Bryan agree to have his eye targeted in this one. The guy is an absolute mad man. What a match this was. Two world class athletes doing what they do best. I don’t think anyone saw Andrade winning this one but they have legit made Andrade look like a star in one match. This was incredible from AEW here.

Great show from Collision this week. Stories are building up nicely and great to see Eddie get his first win and then have Andrade win his match. Well played AEW. See you next week guys.


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