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Warring WWE Stars Are Currently On "Good" Terms Backstage

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Becky Lynch says she and Charlotte Flair are finally back in a "good" place after years of on/off bickering behind the scenes. Previously, the pair were "like sisters", but Becky Lynch has described how "wrestling came between them" and caused a rift that once seemed irreparable.

'The Man' told Peter Rosenberg's 'Cheap Heat' show that she doesn't plan on burying Charlotte Flair in her upcoming book. Becky Lynch reckons that'd be senseless, and wouldn't be fair on Charlotte Flair anyway because she can't properly defend herself. That's a very grown up response from Becky Lynch, although there will be some fans hoping for a little dirt in those pages!

That, rightly or wrongly, is a selling point for pro wrestling memoirs.

Beck Lynch said that "life is too short to hold these animosities for too long". She doesn't want to let bad blood weigh her down, so the beef with Charlotte Flair has been squashed behind the curtain. Now, both women plan to move on with their lives.

Good for them.

Becky Lynch admits she will broach their fractured friendship in the book, but sees things from Charlotte Flair's perspective as well. It'll be a fair and balanced explanation of everything that happened between them.

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