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Wardlow Wednesday Check What Happened.

RealRasslin fans or those who just happened to stumble into this review, it is time once again to take a look at AEW Dynamite. The show just so happened to kick off with Samoa Joe coming to the ring. His promo was essentially said the same thing as the week before that people have to earn their title shot. Hook interrupted without his FTW belt. Hook cut an awkward promo saying he will meet Joe again down the road.

Both of these men have shown in the past that they can go and entertain the crowd. The match starts with both men shaking hands. Then both people would face palm the other while saying their catch phrase. After exchanging blows, it was nice to see Penta hit two slingblades before Hangman would execute a fall away slam. Penta showed that Rey Phoenix isn't the only one who can maneuver on the ropes in their family. He hit a leg drop after bouncing off the bottom rope. Hangman would eventually get Penta in the corner for ten count punches before biting the mask. Penta El Zero Miedo would attempt to break Adam Page's arm but Page would prevent that. Fighting on the outside sets up the Buckshot Lariat attempt. Penta was able to block and deliver a Made In Japan for a two count. A dead Eye was delivered on the apron followed by a Asai Moonsault. Finally a Buckshot Lariat for the win.

Orange Cassidy announced that on Rampage there will be a Battle Royal and the winner will face him on Collision. That Collision is going against the Royal Rumble so Tony is having to stack that show.

Wardlow comes out quick with some powermoves pummeling Trent. Trent would play opossum and get Wardlow for a two count. All of Trent's offense just seems to anger Wardlow. Beretta would be able to put up an effective fight against Wardlow. Trent delivered a massive knee knocking Wardlow to the outside. Beretta with a piledriver for a near fall. That kick out would start the end of Trent Beretta in this match. Wardlow essentially did a delayed Last Ride on Beretta before pinning him.

Interesting aesthetic that they split the stage color and black and white. Toni says she has had many friends all less talented than her. However, she will still beat the most talented submission athlete in the division aka Deonna Purrazzo. They also showed off matching tattoos. Then the two ladies started brawling.

This is not a good match for me to review. As many who watch or listen to the RealRasslin Roundup that comes out every Monday they know I don't really care for ether. Swerve would try to put the match away quickly with several nearfalls. This is a rather slow match compared to what their usual match speed. Jeff's Russian Leg Sweep into his double leg drop does look good. Swerve did a neck breaker on Jeff Hardy while he was hanging by his feet on the bottom rope. That definitely was something that hurt Swerve more in real life than it did Hardy. Hardy was able to hit is Whisper in the Wind on Swerve. Commentators did not call it that. Jeff Hardy starts to play some of his greatest hits. The moves that people will feel cheated if they didn't get to see it. Hardy kicked out of a Drive By. Swerve would eventually hit the Swerve Stomp for the win.

Thunder Rosa returned to singles action after several months away. Yes, Thunder Rosa was in a trios match on Collision so it isn't her first match back. Red Velvet is becoming a go to lady once again. Thunder gets Velvet in a gator roll real quick. Tony Schiavone says this is the first time these two ladies have face each other. Both women would deliver arm drags before a stare down. Thunder dropkicks Red Velvet against the bottom rope. Red Velvet would start to throw some body shots like she is a boxer. There is where commentary should mention her father and uncle being professional boxers. Thunder Rosa would put her away with a Tijuana Bomb. This match went longer than I thought it would.

Darby starts the promo by saying how much Sting has impacted his career all the way back to 2015. Also pretty much says they want to go after the tag titles. Not only did sting alter his makeup to outline his face in black but it looks like he dyed his hair. Sting look youthful. Sting is all in with Darby on going for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Big Bill thanks Sting and Darby for the respect of calling them by their names and challenging them. They accept the match. Ricky mentions he was the first opponent for Sting in AEW.

Finally the trios tag champions return to action. Bullet Club comes out first. The Bang Bang Scissor Gang is almost in full force. Bowens also does a gun hand gesture into a scissor as a new scissoring. Max Caster starts out against Brain Cage. Both men are looking good in the early goings. Tag in Bowens who starts to deliver several elbows to Cage. Brain Cage is able to reverse his fortunes and tag in Toa Leona. Quick tags start to happen between the Mogul Embassy. Bowens with a hot tag to Daddy Ass. Billy Gunn clears the ring. Gunn would be flattened by Toa Leona as he went for a Fame Asser. Bishop Khan with his version of a pedigree for a near fall. Nana put into the Timekeepers table. Bullet Club Gold paying dividends already. Fame Asser/The Arrival/Mic Drop combo for the retention.

Legend versus Legend. Murder Grandpa against Rated R Superstar. They start out by trading powerful blows. Copeland is the first to fall. Suzuki goes for the Gotch Style Piledriver early in the match. Copeland attempted to big boot Minoru Suzuki onto the outside. He failed. The two men go thru a barricade while Suzuki has Copeland in a sleeper type move. Almost a double count out. Bryce counted better than when AEW was in OKC. Adam Copeland should not be trading blows with Minoru Suzuki. Copeland would hit an Impaler. Spear reversed into a Fujiwara Armbar. Spear by Copeland for a near fall. Suzuki acted as if nothing happened and maneuvered himself into locking on a rear naked choke. Killswitch by Copeland after escaping the choke wins him the match.


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