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Vince McMahon coming back to sell business

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In an arrival to Wall Street Journal Vince McMahon tells WWE board he is coming back as he intends to sell WWE and if he's not got direct involvement as the chairman, he will not approve and media deals or sale as majority share holder.

Vince McMahon who is the majority owner and former chief executive of WWEos planing to return to the company from his retirement last year amid a sexual harassment scandal to get a sale of the business.

Vince McMahon who is majority voting power through his ownership of WWE, has told the company he plans to elect himself and two former co presidents and directors, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios to the board. The move to reinstate Vince McMahon which the board has recently rebuffed and the others with require three current directors to vacate their positions.

Vince McMahon sent a letter to WWE board in late December detailing he wanted to come back to the company he ran for four decades. Vince McMahon believes there is a narrow window to start a sale process because WWE media rights. Including its flagship programs Raw and Smackdown are to be renegotiated.

Vince McMahon said to the board unless he is back in charge he will not approve any media rights deal or sale.

Me personal thinks he should stay away from the business as I'm enjoying it more now that he's not in charge.

Let us know what you think??


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