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There has been a big change up in terms of WWE creative following the company’s takeover from Endeavor and merger with UFC to form the TKO Group.

Following the merger, Triple H has found himself being in control of ‘99.9%’ of WWE creative at the request of Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, with Vince McMahon working on other areas in the company.

In just that short time, many more WWE stars have been featured on the shows, and backstage morale in the company has increased greatly.

In an update from Fightful Select (subscription required), WWE sources have told Fightful that they expect the changes to continue, and that the adjustments to creative seemed ‘overnight’.

Though Vince McMahon has not interacted directly with the creative this year, his influence has been felt throughout the period, especially in regards to which wrestlers would and wouldn’t appear on the shows.

One source told Fightful that they felt the recent matches on the show, including those between Ivar and Kofi Kingston, Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet and Gunther and Bronson Reed, were very important in establishing the in-ring aspect of Raw.

One writer said that many of Vince McMahon’s changes were minimal throughout the year, Fightful was told that the adjustments to creative have freshened things up, and have relaxed the process now that Raw has a more wide open roster of talent able to be implemented and used.

While outside of the Raw after WrestleMania, McMahon wasn’t making any changes to the shows in person and was doing so remotely, and there had been a long reputation of McMahon making last minute changes to the show, though they would also happen throughout the weekend, including the nixed DIY reunion over the Summer.

When Vince would learn of the creative plans for the show, he would make remote adjustments along the way, and would indicate which wrestlers he did or didn’t want on the show.

In regards to Vince saying he would no longer be ‘in the weeds’, one writer said:

“well, I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t in the weeds, but in a way, he just sprayed roundup on the weeds and checked in on them every so often.”

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