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TUESDAYS WITH TRAPPER - March 21, 2023: Cyndi Lauper Was As Important As Vince And Hogan In 1984,

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

And Should Be In The WWE HOF

It seems like a no-brainer, but Cyndi Lauper STILL hasn't been added to the WWE Hall of Fame, a wrong that columnist Tom Leturgey feels the promotion needs to make right

By Trapper Tom Leturgey - 03.21.2023

It was recently announced that Andy Kaufman is being inducted into the WWE’s “celebrity wing” of the Hall of Fame, there’s only one question left…

Why isn’t Cyndi Lauper in the WWE Hall of Fame?

She had to have been asked, right? I’ve long believed that she hasn’t; however, I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that she would like to, but she just hasn’t been approached about the honor. Could it be because Lauper’s success in 1984 skews the narrative that it was Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan alone who moved the professional wrestling needle by themselves? Could the third most important person from that time be a tiny singer from Brooklyn?

Then 30 years old, Lauper’s popularity was sent into the stratosphere in 1983 with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” The iconic MTV music video features Captain Lou Albano as Lauper’s gruff but loveable father in a non-speaking role. Fun Fact: Lauper’s real-life mother Catrine (who just passed away last year) played her Mom in the video.

Lauper has stated that her then-boyfriend Dave Wolff was a big fan of wrestling and he was able to get the song exposure by working with the WWF when radio stations wouldn’t play the fun anthem. It would rocket to #2 on the Billboard Charts and remains popular to this very day.

Cable television was just stretching across the United States in the early 1980s and for many impressionable music fans, this was their very first introduction into the then 50-year-old wrestler-turned-manager. Yes, “Captain Lou” was only 50 in that video.

At the 0:51 mark of “Girls,” Lou Albano’s hand intercepts Lauper’s. She simply wants to call her friends, but “Daddy” admonishes her with a disapproving finger. For untold numbers of aspiring professional wrestling fans around the continental U.S., this was the very first glimpse of the portly and legendary wrestler-turned-manager.

Lauper would go to the Emmy Awards in 1985 with Hulk Hogan as her muscle. When she won “Best New Artist,” a tanned and weight-belt-wearing Hulkster accompanied her on stage.

When Lauper waved to the crowd, her hand still didn’t extend higher than Hogan’s forehead. During her acceptance speech, Lauper acknowledged “The World Wrestling Federation” and Captain Lou, who “had become a movie star!”

Lauper even turned to Hogan and gave him an opportunity to flex for the adoring crowd.

MTV proved instrumental to Lauper and the World Wrestling Federation. It was pivotal to the Rock n’ Wrestling gimmick that shot her and Wendi Richter into the stratosphere.

Good Lawd, Dick Clark came to Madison Square Garden to give Lauper an award. There, Lauper announced that she and Lou Albano helped raise more than $4 million for Multiple Sclerosis. Suddenly, “Cowboy” Bob Orton appeared at ringside, and Rowdy Roddy Piper charged in and blasted Albano with an award. Cyndi and Wolff took bumps and Hogan made the save, all to the roar of the MSG faithful.

Lauper would later second Richter to the ring at the first Wrestlemania and decades later blast Heath Slater in the noggin with a gold record handed to her by a babyface Piper in a similar fashion on Monday Night RAW.

During that last appearance (in which a “heel” Michael Cole risked being punched in the mouth by Jerry Lawler), Lauper and Piper teared up when talking about those early days and the passing of Albano. Piper called Lauper the “best lady I know who has been paired with our business, and you are gold to us.” Lauper clearly had the time of her life during those days and during the 2012 visit. And her influence, when MTV and cable television mattered, cannot be denied.

Of course, guys like Ivan Koloff need to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. But not one celebrity is more deserving than Lauper (and that includes the rumored Stacy Keibler). Perhaps Vince and the gang are waiting for the 40th Wrestlemania. Perhaps he’s waiting to distance WWE’s early days and Lauper’s explosive 1980s popularity. Not inducting Cyndi Lauper into the WWE Hall of Fame is inexcusable. No woman - not even Chyna - is more deserving of the nod.


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