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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation & Dark w/c 10th April

Coming to you from Long Island, New York & Universal Studios this week, with a combined 8 matches. Featuring The Firm, Willow Nightingale, Diamonte, and more... Here are your Highlights:

#1 Where’s the Rest?

So you should have already noticed that this week’s “Top 3 Takeaways” for Dark is a bit different. From now on we will combine both Dark: Elevation & Dark into one combined Takeaway. Why? Well mostly because I will now be taking over the “Top 3” for Rampage, staring this Saturday. But this also seems to have come at the right time too, the total run time for both Darks this week reached a whopping 50 minutes!

With both shows cut seemingly in half, it will prove even more difficult picking out 3 moments of each. But this also has me thinking; is this a one off by AEW? Is this the new run-time going forward? Is this making room for more AEW TV in the future?!

#2 Feed Him More