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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation 27th March 2023

This week's recap of AEW's YouTube show, Dark: Elevation. Episode 108 on March 27th 2023

This week’s Elevation came to you from Kansas City, Missouri, with 7 matches featuring Riho, Diamonte, The Firm and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 Brutal Knockout

She’s not been featured on here for a few weeks, but the ROH Women’s champion is back! Athena gets the top Takeaway this week, with an absolutely brutal right forearm. She was up against the debuting Tootie Lynn, though we really didn’t get to see much of her...The match ran less than 2 minutes, and didn’t end the normal way an Athena match would end. The Fallen Goddess hit her opponent with a crazy forearm, and she dropped. Hard.

Athena almost had a look of concern on her face when she delicately pinned her. I’m confident this wasn’t a shoot injury as Athena continues to attack her (as we’ve grown to expect) all before another AEW Dark staple came to the ring, Emi Sakura. These two will now face off Thursday night on ROH for the Women’s title.

#2 Brutal Submission