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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 7th March 2023

This week’s review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for March 7th, 2023

This week’s Dark came to you from San Francisco, California, with 8 matches, featuring AR Fox, Ryan Nemeth, Big Bill and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 Two Days Time?

Will the above picture be what we see in the final moments of Willow v Athena on ROH, Thursday night? (Yes I know, Athena is back on the top 3... but she is the only one who seems to have storylines on Dark!) Athena wasn’t actually on this week’s card, but after Nightingale picked up the win against Zoe Dubois, Athena made a beeline to the ring.

Unfortunately for her, Willow was not caught off guard and saw the champ coming, chasing her right back out of the ring. This left the AEW original and the championship all alone, so naturally she lifted it high!

#2 By Way of Parts Unknown