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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 3rd Jan 2023

This weeks review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for January 3, 2023

This week’s Elevation came to you from Orlando Universal Studios, with 13 matches featuring Top Flight, Shawn Dean, Kiera Hogan and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 CD Celebrates 30 years in wrestling

Christopher Daniels opened up Dark this week with a win over half of ‘The Blonds’, Brian Pillman Jr. CD is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, even with his additional backstage roles within AEW. The Fallen Angel put Pillman away with the aptly named ‘Best Moonsault Ever’.

Daniels also put on a great show within the UK at the end of last year. Facing the UK’s own Cara Noir at 1PW’s massive return “A New Twist of Fate” back in October. With no slowing down, who knows when CD will hang up his boots?

#2 New 2nd Generation Tag Team in the making?

After his disappointing loss to the ring general Daniels, Pillman later had an interview backstage alongside Brock Anderson, and his Dad, Arn (who incorrectly claimed CD has 15 years under his belt...).

In the interview Pillman claims he’s been lost recently, especially with his current partner, Griff Garrison, out with injury (which was confirmed during Pillman’s match). In the interview Brian states that his mother once told him “If you want to get into this business, look for one person and one person only... Arn Anderson”. Arn then continues to respond “I’m gonna say ‘just listen’ and let’s give it a try”...

So Pillman seemingly has found himself a new partner, where does this leave Griff?

#3 Missing: Trustbuster’s Heater

Our last moment for this week is in regards to Dark regulars, the Trustbusters. Who seem to be one member light, and a large one at that.

Parker Boudreaux showed us 2 weeks ago that he’s now affiliating himself with Swerve Strickland. Ari, leader of the Trustbusters, comes out for his match with the usual rabble, cuts his usual “join the ‘buster’s” promo and then continues to win, with no mention of his missing giant?


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