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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 28th March 2023

This week’s review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for March 28th, 2023

This week’s Dark came to you from Universal Studios, Florida, with 9 matches; featuring Top Flight, Zack Clayton, Marina Shafir and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 QTV in ring debut

The team of QT Marshall & Aaron Solo made their in-ring debut on this week’s Dark, under the moniker of QTV. Accompanied to the ring by Harley Cameron they faced off against Vary Morales & Austin Green. As you’d expect the contracted wrestlers got the win, after QT showed off his new finisher dubbed the “Dirt Sheet Driver” or DSD.

Aaron Solo also really worked his new gimmick too, using that mouth spray we’ve seen him do on the QTV segments. He was freshening his breath both during and after the match!

#2 The Factory closes its doors

I questioned a few weeks ago, after the reveal of QTV, what would happen with The Factory, which of course, was lead by Mr. Marshall himself. Well, Dark was opened with Factory member, Nick Comoroto, being in a match with no mention of the Factory...

Then later in the night we had Cole Karter, w/ Lee Johnson in action, also from The Factory stable. Except this time Excalibur did mention The Factory, and proclaimed that he too feels as though the Factory is now non-existent and that the members will likely go their separate ways.

#3 Another loss for the Snake

Poor Serpentico just can’t catch a break. Despite being #AllElite, he once again lost to a non-contracted wrestler, who made his second appearance on AEW television; Brady Booker. It’s no surprise when you compare the two physically, Brady is an absolute specimen of an athlete, but also seems to have some charisma about him too.

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