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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 21st Feb 2023

This week’s review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for February 21st, 2023*

This week’s Dark came to you from Universal Studios, Florida, with 13 matches, featuring Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, The Boys and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 Coming Soon...

There’s not much else to describe with this point! Airing just after the 3rd match, the above graphic appeared on our screens for a few seconds, without even a mention from Taz or Excalibur. A talk show/segment for QT Marshall perhaps? Interesting...

#2 She got Squashed!

Despite this moment’s title, this was far from a squash match. This week we got another look at the 18-year old Billie Starkz, who seems to be red hot on the Indies right now. She had her own entrance this week too, and went head to head with Japanese Veteran, Emi Sakura.

Starkz was not put off in the slightest and once again shone bright (much like she did a few weeks ago against the incomparable DMD). She shown off her in-ring abilities and personality in this hard, and I mean hard, hitting match.

The two ladies even garnered a “This is Awesome” chant from the Orlando crowd, but in the end The Queen picked up the win. Emi was only able to do so after a crazy spot on the outside of the ring. She propped the youngster up against the stage, and then literally threw herself into the side of the stage. Ouch.

#3 Capped off Nicely

It was a great episode of Dark this week, where many other moments could have taken the final spot. But the Main Event was definitely a worthy mention of the show. Last week Tony Nese claimed “Josh Woods is the best partner I have ever had in my career”, right within earshot of his old Indie partner Trent Beretta, this ultimately lead to Trent challenging Nese to this week’s main event.

Even after Sakura’s great match, this was just as good, and just as hard-hitting. Spilling out of the ring numerous times these two went at it. In the end, The Premiere Athlete had Trent beat, but instead of going for the pin, he made the long-time error of going to the top, one more time. Beretta was given plenty of time to recover and countered the high flying manoeuvre, before picking up the win with The Crunchie.

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