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Top 3 Takeaways for Rampage – 26th May 2023

It’s Saturday morning, and you know what that means – top 3 Takeaways from last night’s Rampage, coming at you from Las Vegas, Nevada!

#1 The Open House is Closed

This is the final show before this Sunday’s Double or Nothing! The show opened up with the trio of The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass making their way to the ring, with Max Caster on the mic. And as always, Casters raps never fail to amuse the fans, making reference to the AEW game Fight Forever (out the 29th June by the way), Rush’s pube-like hair & Dralistico looking like a dominatrix!

A great opener, that got the crowd firmly warmed up for the night, and resulted in another victory for The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, over LFI’s Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance. The bigger news here though took place post-match, where Anthony Bowens picked up the mic once more and answered the House of Black’s open challenge for Double or Nothing, another match to an already stacked card!

#2 Hook-in

The 2nd match of the night saw Ethan Page & The Gunns pick up a win in a squash match. After the match they paraded around, mic in hand, about how they have taken out Brother Zay last week, leaving The Hardy’s a man down for their match at Double or Nothing.

The Hardys then came out to answer them, stating they don’t care if it goes ahead as a 3-on-2 match – they will DELETE them regardless. This was however until Brother Zay, neck brace and all, comes out to explain he has found a suitable replacement. Then... Hook’s music hits, and the crowd goes nuts, as always!

#3 The Bad Blood Boils

In a strong mid-card clash we had AEW Originals Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida take on the very successful tag team of Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir. Another great match on AEW’s go-home Rampage. The finish occurred when The DMD donned her glitzy glove and tried to get Shafir in the lockjaw, which Shafir refused to succumb to. That was until Shida struck her with a nasty Katana kick, and Baker rolled her up & locked it in.

Again, the bigger story here was after the bell, where up on the titan tron (do we still call it that?!) was an image of The Outcasts standing over a beat-down & injured Women’s champ, Jamie Hayter. The two home-grown stars charged to the back, and the match/segment ended there.


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