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Top 3 Takeaways for Rampage - 22nd April 2023

It’s Sunday morning, and you know what that means – top 3 Takeaways from last night’s Rampage, coming at you from one half of you Irn Bruiserweight's filling in for Ben this week

#1 Moxley shows respect at end of his match

After a very good match between Jon Moxley and Christopher Daniels, where Moxley picked up the win after both men had the upper hand on each other, it came as no surprise that Moxley got the win with him being a main guy in the business.

He offered his hand as a show of respect which as a heel you hardly ever see, I thought showing respect shows that Moxley knows CD is a great competitor and has respect for him for the years he has given the wrestling business. I have not seen CD in a while and thought he did a good job and can still do the big moves well. Later in the show Cd was being interviewed and The Blackpool Combat Club appeared but JM said CD was cool and then attacked him that just shows they don't care about the CD and any of the originals in the business.

#2 Stokely Hathaway watches on from the back

Hook, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy were in the ring doing a promo when Stokely Hathaway appeared on the screen saying he wants an answer about the match as he has sent facts but MH is too busy with his family to reply, MH says he will answer when ready.

Just as SH went off the screen sneaking in the ring were Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty and Big Bill from the firm who were coming in to attack MH, JH, IC and Hook, This keeps the rivalry going and with the firm getting the upper hand makes MH, JH, IC and Hook have to think how they will get the Firm back and what they will do about the match. I can see MH, JH, IC and Hook getting the Firm back either dynamite or rampage this week coming.

#3 LFI beat down AAA Champion after the match

After an incredible match with El Hijo Del retaining his AAA Mega Heavyweight Title against Dralistico the LFI came back after being ejected from ringside during the match to attack El Hijo Del.

This is the first time i have seen both men and thought they put on an incredible match and i would happily watch them again, i wonder if the attack after the match with either set up Rush going for the title or if it will be Dralistico getting another shot. I would happily watch any of they matches as I think it would be great matches.


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