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Top 3 Takeaways for Rampage – 19th May 2023

It’s Saturday morning, and you know what that means – top 3 Takeaways from last night’s Rampage, coming at you from Austin, TX!

#1 Unsanctioned Violence

All our moments for this week are match announcements for Double or Nothing – un-surprising, with it being only 1 week away!

After his Falls Count Anywhere loss, Chris Jericho was back on commentary duty for the night. Halfway through the night he cut a promo on his current rival Adam Cole. With Cole still outside of the building, Jericho rips up his legal document in a fit of rage due to Cole attacking him outdoors on Wednesday.

Whilst tearing up the papers, Jericho challenged Cole to a match at Double or Nothing, not just a normal match however, an Unsanctioned, no rules match! With the document destroyed, this allowed Cole access into the arena, and he didn’t waste any time. The two top stars met in the middle of the ramp for a big hockey fight, before the security detail pulled them apart.

#2 60 and 0?!

Jade Cargill was advertised to be defending her TBS championship in another open challenge, unfortunately this open challenge was, once again, a local talent. Cargill made very short work of her opponent and took her streak to 58 and 0. Barely breaking a sweat, Mark Sterling nabbed a microphone and called out her next challenger, another local talent. In a repeat performance Jade made quick work of her and in the same night took her record to 59-0!

Verging on an impressive 60-0, Sterling didn’t want to stop there! Calling out a third local girl to challenge for the title. But, before they could make their way down the ramp, Taya Valkyrie returned from her suspension & laid the poor girl out. Taya continued to charge to the ring, hitting Jade with the Road to Valhalla, and laying down her own challenge for Double or Nothing!

#3 The Moan Event

The Hardy’s & Brother Zay were out for an in-ring interview again this week (are they too worried to put Jeff on live TV?). It didn’t take them long before being interrupted by Ethan Page, who tried to verbally put an end to this ongoing rivalry, especially now his contract is up grabs! After an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile with Zay, the Hardy brothers were ambushed by the Gunn brothers, chairs in hand.

The Hardy’s got laid out pretty quickly leaving the Moan Man to the hands of The Firm. With the Gunns holding Zay down, Ethan placed one of the chairs over Zay’s neck, right before diving onto it, off the top rope. After this he picked up the mic and proclaimed “You will never moan again!” (Let’s hope so!) and then ended the segment by making a trios match for Double or Nothing.


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