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Top 3 Takeaways for Rampage – 13th May 2023

It’s Sunday morning, and you know what that means – top 3 Takeaways from last night’s Rampage, coming at you from Detroit, MI!

#1 Eyes on the Prize

In one of last night’s segments we saw Tony Schiavone conduct an in ring interview with The Hardys & Brother Zay, hot off their Firm Deletion win last week. Zay was as cringey as ever with his “Aww yeahs” throughout the interview (I can actually feel my skin crawl when he does it?!). But the much bigger news was that The Hardys proclaimed that they will now be setting their sights on some AEW Tag Team gold, in what Jeff called “their Final Run”.

Earlier in the night however, The Gunns were approached by Firm member Ethan Page, who took the Ass Boys aside to discuss some business. Let’s not forget that Austin & Colten Gunn were formerly part of the Firm.

Shortly after The Hardys informed us of their goals, The Gunns rallied to the ring to state their interest in gold too. This then set up a match between the two teams of brothers, but with a twist. Should The Hardys beat The Gunns, Matt Hardy will then own Ethan Page’s contract... how’s that for a Twist of Fate.

#2 Successful Merger

The main event featured Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds taking on the debuting Mogul Embassy’s Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage. In the pre-match interview, conducted by Mark Henry, Swerve gave us some insight on Parker & Trench’s Mogul Affiliates status, claiming that “they’ve not only been replaced, they’ve been upgraded” so it looks like the two tattooed dudes are out!

This was a good main event, which at one point saw the Meat Man & The Machine have a brief pose down mid-match. But the end result was a win for the Mogul Embassy, with tandem finishers being hit by Swerve & Cage.

Post match the Mogul Embassy put a beat down on Evil Uno for good measure, which then saw Naturally Limitless’ Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee interrupt, weapons in hand. Clearly this rivalry isn’t finished just yet.

#3 Mischief Managed

In another bout we had Allysin Kay return to an AEW ring, the former NWA Women’s champion hasn’t been seen in AEW since the pandemic era. It was a great showing for her against The Outcast’s Toni Storm, who at one point looked to be able to pick up the win over Storm, if it wasn’t for the interference from Ruby Soho.

Interference was the main story here, as expected, with Soho & Saraya causing mayhem at ringside picking at Kay throughout the match. They didn’t stop there though, Saraya was on a Rampage with her green spray paint, defacing pretty much all fan signs within the front row, and even one guys t-shirt! Toni Storm walked away victorious after a Storm Zero.

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