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Tony Khan Teases New Authority Figure Amidst “Power Struggle” In AEW

Tony Khan has promised that a fan query will be addressed on AEW Dynamite.

As seen in the main event of the April 24th episode of Dynamite, Tony Khan was attacked by Jack Perry and The Young Bucks and hit with The TK Driver. As the show went off the air, multiple wrestlers, referees and Tony’s father Shad Khan all came to check on the President of the promotion.

A new update was provided on the next episode of Collision, where it was revealed that Tony Khan has been advised not to travel to the May 1st taping in Winnipeg, Canada. With Tony Khan not present at the show, fans are wondering who will be keeping order or if the inmates will be running the asylum.

While interviewed by TV Insider, Tony Khan stated that he has experience controlling the show remotely as this was something they had to do during the pandemic with multiple meetings. In regards to who will be in charge on site, Tony Khan encouraged everyone to watch Dynamite as he hinted that “the highest-ranking official” would be making their presence known:

“We all have experience working outside the office. During the lockdown, we got used to meetings on Teams and Zoom. I’ll still be overseeing AEW and managing the show remotely. As for who will be the highest-ranking official onsite, stay tuned Wednesday. It will certainly be addressed this week on TBS. This power struggle that is happening in AEW,”

Along with Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks expected to appear, fellow EVP Kenny Omega will also be making his return to Dynamite after being sidelined for over 4 months with diverticulitis.

Tony Khan Responds To Criticism From Former World Champion

In a recent interview, WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg stated that he had no interest in joining AEW as he found the product “too cheesy.” When asked about Goldberg’s comments, Tony Khan gave his thoughts and detailed previous talks he had with the former World Champion.

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