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Tony Khan Talks The Challenges Of AEW All In and AEW All Out Being One Week Apart

Tony Khan recently joined the Tim & Eli on Battleground program to hype up two huge AEW events happening within one week of each other.

On August 27th AEW will invade Wembley Stadium for its All In London pay-per-view, a show that has already surpassed 80,000 thousand tickets sold. One week later AEW will present All Out in Chicago, a show that annually takes place from the Second City. Tony Khan spoke about the difficulties of booking these shows one week apart during his interview.

Well, we’re going to find out. It’s exciting to do it and it’s going to be the first time anybody has tried anything like this. AEW has got our biggest show of all time coming up on August 27th at Wembley Stadium, it’s going to be a massive event. I’m so excited for the show.

Regardless of how difficult the booking may be Tony Khan says he is extremely excited for both events, especially All In, which is on the brink of breaking some all-time attendance records.

Right now, the ticket sales are unprecedented. This is the biggest pro wrestling event in the history of Europe. No show ever in Europe has sold more tickets or had a bigger gross than this. It’s pretty special. It’s one of the biggest wrestling events in the history of the world now. It’s going to be a week apart, two huge events, and we have some huge events leading into them.


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