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Tommaso Ciampa To GUNTHER: “It Is A Long Fall From The Top Of The Mountain”

WWE superstar Tommaso Ciampa recently appeared on Raw Talk to discuss his upcoming showdown with GUNTHER and preview their contract signing that will take place on next week’s episode of Raw. Highlights from the Psycho Killer’s chat can be found below.

Promises to remind GUNTHER that he is a true fighter:

Gunther, I know you’re watching. Now, I need you to listen. I realize that right now, this is your world. I see what people are saying. I hear it, I hear the doubt. ‘Ciampa doesn’t have a chance versus Gunther.’ No. ‘Ciampa doesn’t deserve this Intercontinental Title shot. Gunther’s unbeatable, and Ciampa’s not the same as the black and gold days. He’s changed.’ I think yo myself, are they right? Have I changed? Can I not beat Gunther? Then I shift my mindset. I block out all the noise. I block out all the hate. I think of the people who believed, who continue to believe. I think of my wife and my baby girl, Willow Belle. She turns five tomorrow. Happy birthday, Willow. I think of all those believers, and I want to say to y’all right now, I see you, and I hear you. I feel you. Soon, we’re gonna remind the world. Gunther, I’m ready to climb to the top of that mountain, stare the dragon eye to eye, and cut his damn head off.

Tells GUNTHER that it is a long fall from the top:

You and me, while we’re different, we’re a little bit alike. I know what it’s like to make it to the top of the mountain. I know what it’s like to have that title and hold it close to your chest. I know what it’s like for that to mean the world to you. But I also know what it’s like to fall from the top of mountain. I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom, and then to pick yourself back up and go make that climb again. That’s where we differ. So as I think, ‘Has he changed?’ Yeah, I’ve changed. You know what I’ve realized through all of this? I’d rather be a man who fights for something than a man who fights with nothing to lose any day of the week, twice on Monday. Gunther, it is a long, long fall from the top of the mountain. Buckle up.

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