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TNA Icon Don West Passes Away

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

After a brief run where Don turned heel in February of 2009, in August 2009, he was promoted within the company to oversee merchandise development and various sales initiatives.

This wasn’t the last we saw of Don on TV however as in the October he came back as Amazing Red’s new Manager and becoming a face once again!

After handing in his notice in 2012 to become the Director of Sale and Marketing for the Wenatchee Wild Ice Hockey Team, Don did return in 2017 joining the merchandise department once again and had another commentary task of adding his iconic voice to the Slammiversary XV PPV in the July.

It is with great sadness to have to write this piece after it was announced today by Don’s wife Terri that he had passed away from lymphoma aged 59.

We here at Real Rasslin pass on our condolences to Don’s entire family during this time.

Thank you for everything Don, your voice will love on, in the “Impact Zone”


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