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Title Tuesday

Tony Khan sure has loaded up a birthday gift for himself. Not only was the first 30 mins free but he had a 30 minute Buy In. That matches as Eddie Kingston against Minouro Suzuki.

Minoro and Eddie started off by trading blows. Although Eddie Kingston got more blows in Minoro acted like they didn't matter. Suzuki looked to have knocked Eddie Kingston with a massive blow. Eddie is out of it for the next few minutes. Suzuki looks like he may have broken Eddie Kingston's fingers. Kingston flips off Suzuki but Suzuki uses that as a chance to try and break that finger of Eddie Kingston. Eddie is able to take control with some blows. Minouro Suzuki is cornered by the blows but while Kingston is doing machine chops Minouro Suzuki just walks out. This match is almost nothing but punches and kicks. Not entertaining for me. Eddie Kingston does almost win with a Urakin. Eddie hits it again and Suzuki kicks out twice. Eddie would win with a Northern Lights Bomb. After the bell the two men show some love with an additional chop and hugs.

Tony Khan announced that the AEW International Title will not be challenged for by Jon Moxley. Rey Fenix will defend the title against Orange Cassidy based on the suggestion of Hook?

Christian Cage started the show in the production trailer. Maybe they won't have technical difficulties tonight. Christian did take credit for the first 30 min being free. As could be easily assumed the promo was about Adam Copeland. Christain did tease coming out before the Copeland Luchasaurus match to elaborate on what he said last week.

The first official match for Dynamite is a first time singles match of Swerve Strickland with Prince Nana against Bryan Danielson. This is surprisingly a technical match. I did not expect that from Swerve. Swerve did a nice powerslam brainbuster combo for a two count on Danielson. Swerve attempts a 450 splash by Bryan Danielson gets his knees up. Danielson does a jumping knee off the apron onto Swerve. Swerve was on the outside attempting to get a breather. Yes Kicks to Strickland. Swerve uniquely hangs Danielson on the turnbuckle from outside the ring. Strickland then delivers a Swerve Stomp. Heelhook by Danielson. Swerve escaped the lock. Back suplex off the top rope by Bryan Danielson to Swerve Strickland who may have landed on the surgically repaired arm of Danielson. Danielson after a series of smashing stomps locks in the Labelle lock. Named after Gene Labelle who trained Roddy Piper. Swerve is able to get a rope break faster than I could type that comment about Gene Labelle. Swerve hits another Swerve Stomp, Danielson does not go down. Swerve was able to flip Danileson in a 180 into a set down powerbomb very unique. Swerve tries to cheat but is stopped by Adam Page. Danielson wins with a knee.

After that nice match by Swerve and Danielson, we heard from Samoa Joe. He will begin his ascention towards greatness this Saturday at Collision.

Another of the many first for this night. Powerhouse Hobbs officially joined the Don Callis Family last week. If they can keep this story up for a few more months this can be next years Blood and Guts match. The Don Callis Family against Omega and Jericho plus whomever they can get. Hobbs delivers a spine buster early in the match. Hobbs executes another spine buster. Jericho is not getting any offense in. A third. Now a headbutt from Hobbs to Jericho. A fourth spine buster to Jericho from Hobbs. Five spine busters. No pin attempts. Jericho is not punching back. Hobbs runs into the turnbuckle and Jericho does a codebreaker but Hobbs does not go down for a three count. A sixth spine buster. Jericho is doing desperation moves and chop blocks the knee of Hobbs before turning the massive red wood legged Hobbs over into the Walls of Jericho. Due to the spine busters Hobbs easily escapes. Hobbs then delivers what was once called a World's Strongest Slam. Hobbs wins. The pin was even nonchalant. Hobbs then delivers another front slam after the two that won him the match. Jericho is left lifeless in the ring.

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole continue their saga. Adam Cole now needs to cut Roderick Strong's lawn with a push mower. Inside they had Adam Cole a neck strong shirt. Brick Strong is the the name of the the giraffe. The vignette ends with Roderick Strong needing just one more thing.

Orange Cassidy brings out his title bag. He is still bandaged up. This does not bode well for Rey Fenix. Rey is also injured. Does this lend credence to the curse of the International Championship title? Leave a comment on our socials on how you feel. The match starts with the two men trading massive blows. Rey is looking to be in better shape than last week. He is moving faster but still shows slight signs of the back injury. Cassidy is quickly put down for a two count. Frog Splash by Fenix almost puts the match away within two minutes. Orange Cassidy is running his opponent with the injured back into the barricades on the outside. Orange Cassidy attempted a top rope maneuver but was stopped by an upper cut from Fenix. Cassidy did a diving DDT followed up by a tilt-a-whirl DDT and only got a two count. Beach Break by Orange Cassidy and Fenix kicks out at two. Orange Cassidy regains the title with a Orange Punch. Justin Roberts adds a nice flare for announcing Cassidy as the "once again" champion. Hook, Best Friends, and Rocky Romero all come out to celebrate with Orange.

RJ City is the one on the mic with Timeless Toni Storm. She says that there is not enough cinema. She then debuts Lover's Lament a silent film. Essentially it is just Toni Storm dancing.

Already in the ring when the show came back is the Rematch from Winter is Coming. Wardlow easily TKOs Matt Sydal.

Daniel Garcia check on Chris Jericho as Renee Paquette tries to get a medical update on Christ Jericho. Matt Menard pulls Daniel Garcia away. Garcia was "was just being human" by checking on his former leader.

Switchblade comes out wearing the AEW World Heavyweight Title. The Gunns peddle tricycles out to the ring. Adam Page is alone tonight in the ring while all of Bullet Club Gold is at ringside. Jay White slaps Adam Page. Adam Page gets Jay White in the corner to get another slap. Jay escapes to the outside but Adam Page dives outside o follow him. Excalibur mentions that this is a first time ever one on one match between the two in AEW but as mentioned earlier they met earlier in the G1 Tournament. Jay White escaped a vertical suplex. Hangman does retaliate with a death valley driver. Hangmen with a fallaway slam and a kip up. Hangman attmepts to land on the outside but goes to his knees as he is having issues with his right knee. Adam Page does powerbomb Jay White on the apron. Jay White escapes a Deadeye by hitting his opponent's knee. White deliers a knee breaker on the apron. Hangman did a massive moonsault fallaway slam combo of the top rope. Two rolling elbows sets up the Buckshot Lariat, however, Jay White prevents it with a dragonscrew in the ropes. Hangman does a moonsault off the top onto Jay White on the outside. Jay White delivers a German Suplex and hold on for a two count and after that. Hangman escapes and tries a Buckshot but does not connect. Prince Nana costs Hangman the match. If it wasn't obvious from earlier the Swerve and Hangan fued is not over.

MJF's music hits. That RoH tag title looks really good on him by itself. MJF demands the return of the BBB. Jay says they don't want to hear more from MJF. I know Jay White just finished a match but he sounds like a drunk. The crowd just wants him to "shut the fuck up". MJF does talk up Jay White but says that his time is not now despite how great he is. Jay White is great no matter how the cookie crumbles. MJF wants Jay White to be a man and return the belt. White just tells him to be patient he will have his change to get it. Jay White does issue a challenge to MJF for a 8 man tag. Juice Robison announced that next week will be a Dynamite Diamond RIng Battle Royal and to put his name in the running.

Both Ladies came out by themselves. Saraya is in good heel form tonight. Shida is not slacking either laying in strong punches in the corner followed up by a knee strike. Saraya with a double leg take down then starts laying in elbow strikes. hikaru Shida delivred a running knee lift. Ruby Soho dressed as a production member tries to inerfere but Shida keeps her at bay. Then the Timeless Toni Storm makes it to "set" to attack Soho with a shoe. Those two ladies then go to the back. Saraya delivers several knees to Shida while she is hanging out the ropes. The ladies exchanged blows. Paul Turner tells Shida to get down and watch the hair but Shida ignores him and does a few blows to Saraya in the corner. Shida delivers a stalling german on the apron followed by a meteoria. You can see that Hikaru protects Saraya's neck. If you rewatch it you will see that Shida takes all the contact. Saraya hides the paint in her belt and pretends to attempt to hit Shida. Saraya sprays her then hits a nightcap. Shida kicks out. Hikaru Shida is able to deliver a falcon arrow. After going back and forth on pins, Shida is the new Women's Champion. She is the first three time champion for the Women's division. That is also the second title change tonight.

Excalibur notes that Jericho has gone to a local hospital. Schiovane announced that they will donate over 100,00 dollars in toys to Toys for Tots this year.

Don Callis pulls an old Sammy Guevara trick with cutting a promo using poster board.

MJF calls Adam Cole but is not able to talk long due to bad cellphone service. The Acclaimed offers to tag with MJF. Daddy Ass is not pleased with that. Max Caster says MJF is his friend and likes when he plays hard to get. Earlier Max did tweet he would gladly blow MJF. If you don't follow those two interaction on X you should. I would even say open another tab and go do it now. This article will be here when you get back. Okay, now that you are back you can continue on to the main event.

The Rated R Superstar's AEW in-ring debut is all that is left for the night. Reports earlier stated that Luchasaurus may have injured himself. Christian starts another promo in the middle of the ring with his monster Luchasaursus. Shots are fired at Judgement day. Christian says that the want of Adam Copeland to get back together as a tag is ironic as he had a chance years ago. Christian also mentions Beth is this a precursor to having the Glamazon in AEW?

Copeland charges the ring. Luchasaursus stops him in the tracks. Nick Wayne grabs the boot. Luchasuarus hits an extinction lariat before the bell rings. The fans cheer urging on Adam Copeland. The bell rings but Copeland is not 100%. Copeland kicks out of a tombstone piledriver. This match did start close to the top of the hour that would normally end the show. Good thing Christian (Kayfabe) got that extra ten minutes for Dynamite. Which when it was announced 20 mins or TV time remaining that was stupid. Especially since Excalibur is saying there must be a winner. The first bit of offense by Copeland is some forearm strikes. That offensive flurry did not last long. Luchasaurus takes back over quickly. This is how a monster should be used in a match. Lance Archer needs brought back and given matches like this but with wins. Nick Wayne shoves Adam Copeland into the ring post. Swinging DDT to Luchasaurus on the outside. Well done by Adam Copeland. Copeland follows up with a cross body to the back of his opponent after Luchasaurus got in the ring. Copeland used the Impaler. Two count. Superplex and both men are down for a ten count. Copeland is up first and poses in the corner for the spear. Nick Wayne wedged a spear in the corner. Luchasaurus leaped over Copeland. Copeland hit the chair. Luchasaurus then delivers a choke slam for a two count. The two competitors keep teasing a steel step spot. Copeland does spear Luchasaurus off the steps. Copeland takes the belt from Christian as he jumped on the apron. Luchasaurus things that Cage hit him with the belt as Copeland threw it back to Christian. Adam Copeland then spears Luchasaurus for the win. Nick Wayne attack from behind.

Danielson comes out for the save by himself. When the numbers get to him Wheeler Yuta and Cesaro comes out. Then the Gates of Agony come out to fight the BCC. The show ends in Bedlam.


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