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Tidal Wrestling New Dawn II Review

On Sunday 14th January, Tidal Wrestling put on their first event of the new year at Parish, Huddersfield.

From start to finish, this show was incredible! The matches were amazing and the crowd were so hyped up and ready to see the action unfold.

The event started with the new Tidal GM Mike “Maddog” Angus welcoming us all to the event. He then introduced “Chase the Ace” - Ace Matthews and Chase Alcala. 

Chase the Ace demanded a shot at the Tidal Tag Team Championship, which Maddog agreed to. The match was set for later in the show.

Match 1: Adonis Payne vs Mickey Barnes

This match was a definite David vs Golliath match. Mickey showed his incredible strength while Adonis showed his speed and agility. Adonis managed to pick up the victory after one hell of a battle. Grade B

Match 2: HT Drake vs Blue Pain

HT Drake knew he was having a match, but he did not know who his opponent would be, it turns out that it was Blue Pain! Unfortunately, this match ended with HT Drake picking up the win by DQ after Dara got involved following a ringside collision. Dara then got a chokeslam for costing Blue Pain the match. Grade C

Match 3: Open Challenge - Spike Trivet vs Harley Hudson

Spike had issued an open challenge and it was answered by none other than the winner of TNA Gut Check, Harley Hudson.

This match was phenomenal! Spike did not treat Harley any differently to any other opponent. This match was hard hitting and the crowd were rallying behind Harley. Harley definitely gave as good as she got in this one. She missed out on the win, but gave it incredible effort. Grade A

Match 4: Sam Gradwell vs Vusyk 

This one is a rematch of the 2023 Match of the Year! Two incredible wrestlers who have so much talent. This one did not disappoint! It was jam packed full of action and it has a “fight forever” kind of feel. Each man now has a victory over the other as Vusyk picked up the win this time. Could there be a 3rd match for these two? Grade A

Match 4: Tidal Women’s Championship Match - Rhio vs Nina Samuels 

An incredible match between two of the best women’s wrestlers! There was a lot of back and forth in this one and it could have gone either way, but on this occasion, Nina Samuels was able to pull out the victory and become the NEW Tidal Women’s Champion! Grade B+

Match 5: Tidal Tag Team Championship Match - Sinergy vs Chase the Ace

This matchup was made at the start of the event. Sinergy defending their championship against Ace & Chase. Huge crowd involvement in this one. The Tidal Chief and Head of the Tidal worked very well as a team and they held their own against Sinergy. In the end, Chase the Ace was able to upset Sinergy and win the Tag Team Championship! Grade B+

Main Event: Tidal Championship Match - Scotty Rawk vs Tate Mayfairs

Well, what can be said for this match except for that it was an incredible main event. Scotty is an amazingly impressive champion, and we all know that Tateness is Greatness! So this match could not have been bad if it tried! Scotty was able to retain his Tidal Championship, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Grade A

Overall, I urge anyone wanting to go and watch a wrestling show to go attend any show that Tidal puts on! This was my first Tidal show, and I will be back for more. The atmosphere was incredible, the fans were insane (in a good way) and the talent that were booked for the show were some of the best that we have in the UK. Tidal Wrestling for the win!

Photos from Eye of the Fan:

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