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Thunder Rosa Likely To Be Cleared Within Three Weeks

Thunder Rosa says she’s about ready to return to in-ring action.

Rosa, who has been out of action since August 2022 due to a back injury, posted a new vlog where she speaks with AEW doctor Michael “Doc” Sampson. The well-respected AEW doctor says there are plans to have a five-minute “mini-match” prior to next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Sampson said,

“Good news. She’s been doing well, we’re at week four. She’s been religious with her training, as she always has been, but religious with her training, doing everything we’ve asked her to do. Next week, if I can share, we’re going to be in Greensboro, and we’re going to do a five-minute mini-match and see how you tolerate that. We’re just taking the steps up. If that looks good, we’re almost there.”

Sampson added, “You’re almost there. You’re following protocols, you’re doing everything as expected. Your body is actually listening to you. Still there, but you’re getting stronger around it and taking the stress off of it.

the doctor later added that Rosa could be ready to return in around three weeks if all goes well


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