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Three big matches for Dolph Ziggler in All Elite Wrestling

Dolph Ziggler is no longer in the WWE. There are big matches abound around the world, but these are three that stand out in All Elite Wrestling. 

The news of Dolph Ziggler’s release was a shocking bit of news last week, one that caught many in the industry by surprise. As time has passed, some are looking toward the future and wondering what would be next for Dolph Ziggler. Adolph Ziggler to AEW would be a massive deal and open the door to huge matchups across the card. These are three that jump off the page and would set the wrestling world on fire with excitement.

Jay White

Jay White and Dolph Ziggler are similar in a lot of ways. Both men 1000 per cent look the part of a sports entertainer and both men can go with the best of them. Many expected Jay White to end up in WWE when his NJPW contract came to an end, but the timing would see him end up in AEW where the outcome has been a total success. Dolph Ziggler and Jay White trying to one-up each other on the way to what would be an excellent match would be a great headliner for an episode of AEW Collision.

Eddie Kingston

The story of Dolph Ziggler versus Eddie Kingston writes itself. Eddie Kingston’s character would immediately hate someone seen as “entitled” like Dolph Ziggler, and their rises in the industry could play off each other nicely. This wouldn’t be as much about a technical masterpiece of a match, but more about the story of someone raised in the WWE pipeline facing off against an individual that is 100 per cent the antithesis of what the company means. It would be interesting to see what these two men would say to each other during the build-up of what would be a great feud.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is recognized as one of, if not the best professional wrestler in the world today. He elevates everyone who steps into the ring with him. The idea that Dolph Ziggler could “keep up” is one that some individuals fail to accept. This would be a statement match for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He never got the opportunity to prove where he falls in the list of top performers in the world, and going into a match against Kenny Omega and putting on a clinic would get the wrestling world talking. Just like Bryan Danielson versus Kenny Omega went to a time-limit draw, doing the same with Dolph Ziggler would certainly get people talking and be a great way to build him in a new organization.

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