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Welcome to this weeks edition of Rampage. We have 4 matches and a potentially great main event. Let's kick things off with our opening contest.


We are blessed with the presence of Don Callis on commentary for this one. Collar tie-up to start this one. Jericho shoulder tackles Sydal as Sydal comes back with his quick feet for a leg scissors takedown. Sydal sends Jericho over the ropes as he connects with a meteora over the ropes. Back in the ring, Sydal takes the top and hits another meteora for a 2 count. Jericho with a clothesline and a back body drop. Sydal replies with some kicks. A series of reversals and Jericho applies the walls of Jericho but Sydal manages to get a rope break.

Jericho with an Irish whip and another shoulder tackle. Jericho sent over the top rope as he quickly tried to climb to the top. Jericho goes high but Sydal catches him with a kick. Sydal with a standing-back moonsault pin attempt as Jericho barely kicks out. Sydal to the top as Jericho follows him in. A couple of forearms to the back as Sydal reverses to set up a powerbomb pin for a near fall. Jericho catches Sydal with a codebreaker but kick out at 2. Big, knife-edge chops from Jericho. Sydal is sent into the ropes as Sydal comes through with another pin attempt for a two count. Sydal misses a roundhouse kick but connects with chops in the corner. Jericho reverses and connects with the Judas effect and this one is over. 


Here is your Winner:Chris Jericho

not too bad this one for an opening contest. The crowd were pretty friendly for Jericho. Once again Sydal showing he is such a reliable guy to have on the roster.

Takeshita attacks Jericho from behind as he’s making his way up the ramp after Jericho had chased after Don Callis. Officials come out to break things up. 



Penta with a shot to the midsection. Anthony with a backstabber followed by a back suplex and kick. Henry tries for a pinfall as Penta quickly kicks out. Henry runs right into a couple of superkicks as he’s put in a fireman’s carry and then the holy driver. It’s another near fall as Penta sets him up for some chops. Penta tries for the made-in-Japan as Henry counters with a running kick for another near fall. Nice, strong kicks by Henry as Penta fires off chops as both men hit one another with kicks. Henry goes to the top and misses a double stomp as Penta hits a belly-to-belly and hits the fear factor for the three count. 

Here is your Winner:Penta Miedo

Another solid match. Don’t know too much about Anthony Henry but he done what he needed to do. Penta looking great as always. 




Series of wristlock reversals to start this one.  Aminata with a rollup from behind as Statlander kicks out. Cartwheel by Aminata, followed up with a kick to the back. Statlander sent outside and Aminata with a diving crossbody through the ropes. Aminata connects with a couple of hip attacks as Statlander kicks out not once but twice. Aminata with a cross-face as Statlander powers out. Statlander hits Aminata with a lariat for a 2 count. Statlander with an uppercut as Aminata baits her in to set her up for a middle rope attack. Statlander slips from behind and hits a power slam, followed by a spinning falcon arrow for the victory. 

Here is your Winner:Kris Statlander

Great effort by both women. Aminata continues to shine in the opportunities she’s been given. Another win for Statlander as Stokely Hathaway watches on. 




Matt Menard has been on commentary since the second match and he is incredible. Id like to see him full time on Rampage commentary team.

We’re off to a hot start as Jeff slaps Darby round the face. Darby returns with a shotgun dropkick. Jeff Hardy rolls to the outside, where Darby gives chase but is sent into the announcer’s table. Darby is sent crashing into the barricades and follows up with a big crossbody. Jeff misses a diving leg drop on Darby as he crashes into the barricades. Darby comes back with right hands before diving between the ropes and crashing into a steel chair, back first. Jeff connects with a couple of running neckbreakers. Jeff goes for the cover but kick out at 2.

Jeff puts Darby on the top rope as Darby counters with a code red for a kickout. Darby up top, looking for the coffin drop as Jeff comes to his feet. Jeff counters with a neckbreaker on the ring apron. Jeff pulls a table from under the ring and hits Darby with straight right hands and sets him up on the table. Hardy to the top as he misses the Swanton bomb and crashes through the table. Darby rolls Hardy back into the ring and takes to the top for the coffin drop. Hardy gets his knees up in time to stop him as both men struggle to reach their feet. Jeff tries for a twist of fate as Darby counters with a jackknife pin counter and this one is all over. 


Here is your Winner:Darby Allin

Darby offers to shake Jeff’s hand out of respect. Hardy declines and rolls out of the ring to close the show. 

Jeff looked great here. With his post match reaction and his social media posts I can see a heel run for the Hardy Boys coming soon and im here for it. They are one of the greatest tag teams of all time and are being wasted. 

Not a bad show this week on Rampage. Join me tomorrow for Collision. 


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