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The Young Bucks Would Love To Have Kota Ibushi Around

The Young Bucks Would like Kota Ibushi In AEW

Kota Ibushi is a free agent, everyone is wondering where he will end up next. The Young Bucks were asked if Kota Ibushi is maybe becoming All Elite, The Young Bucks had nothing but praise for the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

When asked by Dark Puroresu Flowsion about Kota Ibushi, the Young Bucks said: “Love him. Miss him. He kept us in the loop the night of Tokyo Dome about Kenny. Kept sending us little updates. Goes without question we’d love to have him around, or work with him. I think he has the ability to do whatever he wants.”

Kota Ibushi's only appearance that has been confirmed just now is to happen over WrestleMania weekend, He will be at Josh Barnett's Bloodspot and Joey Jenela's Spring Break as part of GCW Collective Show.


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