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The Road to Double or Nothing is Heating UP.

Dynamite starts off with some freshly squeezed action. Trent comes out with Chuck written on one of his arms. The match starts off fast and Orange goes for the end quickly. This feud seems to be going lightning fast. There is a countdown clock until the face to face so that should be their big segment. Into the crowd the two battled which seems to be a staple of an AEW match. Enter Don Callis to a roar of boos. After about ten minutes Orange would slow the match down with his slow kicks before just starting to pummel Trent. Trent would deliver a nice half and half suplex after that. The air Orange Cassidy got while going over was what made it spectacular. Paul Turner catches Trent exposing a turnbuckle which allowed Orange todo the same and use his for the win. Trent, however, will attack after the bell. The attack was punctuated with a pile driver on the steel steps and using the ring as a weapon to catapult Cassidy. Statlander would come down to plead for a stop to the onslaught. I don't know if this feud is moving too fast or not. I also feel like unfortuantely the larger story lies with Orange Cassidy and not Trent.

Serena Deeb's message was a very boring segment. Even when Toni Storm came out no life was breathed into it.

The Harley Cameron debut on Dynamite. Should be a competitive win for Mariah May. Interestingly enough Harley Cameron is getting the majority of the offense for the first half of the match. The countdown clock reads ten minutes during the match. This is a bit of an offput for me. To me, it takes the attention from the match. May starts her comeback with a big headbutt followed by a missel drop kick. As mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, competitive match but win for May. Meena Shirakawa out for the save after the match. This story could be a good build for AEW to introduce Women's Tag Titles.

Swerve used the first part of this segment to be angry and promote the fight. Christian's side didn't do much more to invigorate the title match. When Christian threatened to take Swerve's gold teeth the rest of Mogul Embassy showed up. Brain Cage would lead the charge in the Mogul Embassy betraying Swerve.

Rocky and Jay start by trading blows. I don't think this is a match where both competitors are evenly portrayed in star power. While Jay White has not been AEW title picture I still see him as that caliber wrestler where Rocky is not main event for me. Not that this won't be a great match. Standard fare when it comes to a good match. The only thing that peaks interest for some form of story is if Rocky wins he gets a shot at the Unified Trios Title. Rocky almost steals a win with a roll up. A Blade Runner secures Jay White the win. A definitive victory as Jay leaves the last part of the pin to only one finger.

PAC comes down as the Bang Bang Gang beats down Rocky. The Bang Bang Gang retreat.

Jericho and Big Bill go against local talent and one of them is not that London person that has been getting use. I don't see Jericho squashing them. Big Bill does just toss them around. Big Bill with a Boss Man slam gives him space to deliver a Chokeslam to both opponents. Jericho getting tagged in to smash a Judas Effect into one guys face for the win.

Jericho mess up on a promo. The crowd lets him know he fucked up. However, it is turned into a you learn from your mistakes as the learning tree so was if a flub? Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to tell Jericho that Hook will be back next week.

This match diverges from the rest of the matches tonight. It started with some more technical aspects. Brody does this to target the neck of Adam Copeland. Brody King's cross body into the guard rail is impressive for a man his size. The fact that he does it almost every match is more so. Which part of the landing is supposed to be worse the chair or the edge of the ring? I don't know but Brody King felt a DDT there. After that the next shot of Brody King was him with a beautiful crimson mask. Brody went to put a chair in the corner that Copeland had already put a chair in. I wonder if he forgot the spot in the match. The fans start to chant "This is Awesome" after both men take each other down with a big boot. Then finally after about five minutes of the table being set up outside Copeland Spears Brody King into it. Second Spear when they get back into the ring wins the match for Adam Copeland.

Brody King with a beat down after the match. That is par for the night. Kyle O'Reilly comes out to help Adam Copeland.

The Elite come out and heel it up. They do it good. At the mention of big balls FTR's music hits. The first team mate FTR brings out is Eddie Kingston. Only a slight shock. The bigger shock is Danielson joining the team. Danielson joining is a shock because Eddie Kingston is also on the team. That is where the weak spot in the team lies. I do not see The Elite losing at Double or Nothing.


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