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The Real Reason Why Matt Jackson’s Wife Is Quitting AEW

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

As reported, Matt Jackson’s wife, Dana Massie, who has been with All Elite Wrestling since 2019, will leave her position in the company’s advertising division.

Dana Massie has been serving as the Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer since the launch of AEW in 2019, drawing a seven-figure paycheck annually.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that AEW offered Dana Massie a new deal as her contract expires this weekend. However, Dana Massie informed the company in October about her decision to quit.

The report states, “Dana Massie (Matt Jackson’s wife) finishes with AEW this weekend. She was offered a new deal, but informed AEW in October that she was leaving.

One of the issues with Massie is that while Matt & Nick did sign new deals recently because they got such great deals to stay, there was the feeling that AEW never cleared their names publicly nor allowed them to clear their names over the past year plus.

Part of her leaving, maybe even a big part, was her view on how AEW treated her husband and brother-in-law. She knows everything about it [the fight] and saw most of the key things first hand, and particularly that the company never publicly defended her family which allowed people to argue that they were the ones at fault for the blow up of C.M. Punk.”

Matt Jackson previously stated that Dana Massie decided to leave AEW on her terms, by her own choice.”

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