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THE POWER OF THE PIN - March 12, 2023: Is Josh Alexander Pro Wrestling's Most Underrated Champion?

Updated: May 6, 2023

Josh Alexander and his record-setting reign as the IMPACT World Champion are sadly overlooked by the majority of professional wrestling fans

It's hard to imagine being recognized as the World Champion, yet somehow NOT being recognized on the street. But when you're IMPACT titleholder, Josh Alexander, keeping a low profile often comes with the territory. Not that he really seems to mind all that much.

The Walking Weapon has stood atop the promotion since regaining the gold on April 23, 2022, at Rebellion. Since then, he's defended it honorably and admirably against every contender the company has thrown his way. And he's done it with an abundance of both class and dignity, as he marches closer to his one-year anniversary as the man on top of the mountain.

He's gotten to this point by the most logical progression possible. He found his initial success in IMPACT as part of an excellent tag team, The North, with fellow Canadian grappler 'All Ego' Ethan Page. They would capture the World Tag Team titles on two occasions and dominate the company's duos division from 2019-2020.

After Page departed for All Elite Wrestling, Alexander would embark on a solo career that saw him become the X-Division Champion. The storied history of that holy grail is enough to be a crowning achievement for any performer. And there's no doubt that he cherished the championship. But after a certain amount of seasoning, an opportunity would arise elsewhere. And it was the chance that Josh Alexander had been waiting for his whole life.

The Walking Weapon would take aim at becoming the IMPACT World Champion, and he didn't plan to miss his target

He would target Christian Cage, eventually defeating him at Bound for Glory 2021. Admittedly, his first title win was a bit of a debacle, with him losing the championship almost immediately to Moose -who cashed in his 'Call Your Shot' contract at the time. But since regaining the belt, The Walking Weapon has been trudging through title contenders. His current reign is the longest ever in IMPACT Wrestling history.

Not only has he defeated a powerhouse in Moose and a legend such as Christian, but his list of fallen contenders is also a virtual who's-who of stars and styles. He's turned back the challenge of former champions, international stars, and dark horse challengers. Alexander takes on all shapes and sizes without hesitation. In fact? He just came off two angles, back-to-back, against the brawling Bully Ray and an aerial artist in Rich Swann.

In the end, it's all the same for the IMPACT World Champion. Each time, the venerable warrior just continues to punch the clock, put in work, and then walk home with the belt. And he's been doing that, over and over again, for coming up on a year now. Like he's playing a symphony of success... and it's stuck on repeat.

Perhaps it's his quiet professionalism or the stereotypical knocks on his promotion for not being 'big-time' enough, but Josh Alexander just never seems to get his proper due. His track record as a performer is unquestioned, and his dedication to his craft is unmatched. He's universally respected by fans and his fellow performers.

Yet, for some reason, he just never seems to get enough credit for being what he is: Quite possibly the best professional wrestling champion today.

Make no mistake... WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns is a much bigger star today than Alexander will ever be. Even he will tell you that. But when it comes to being the most consistent, all-around talent currently holding a top title, he's today's standard.

The Tribal Chief may get the most attention, and rightfully so. He's got movie-star good looks, ungodly athletic ability, and a media machine behind him. He is without a doubt, the most recognizable face in the game today.

So when Reigns says that he's the Head of the Table... That's more than just a catchphrase. In terms of fame and fortune, his position is unquestioned.

By far, Roman Reigns is the bigger pro wrestling personality But Josh Alexander is the better pro wrestling champion

That's not a knock on Reigns, because you have to 'acknowledge' that he's been absolutely on fire for over two years now. And let's face it - the piles and piles of money that his star power generates is what the industry is all about. Economics almost always outweighs emotion. But that's still never an excuse to ignore excellence elsewhere.

Far from all that glitz and glamour is a champion of the people, Josh Alexander.

A man who - by all accounts - carries himself with the dignity of a gentleman and the type of class worthy of his lofty status. He's a devoted family man as well as loyal to his craft. And for fans who still long for the golden era of grappling, the Ontario native is about as old school as it gets. From his headgear all the way down to his boots.

Barring anything tripping him up, The Walking Weapon's journey should see him hike into history by surpassing one year as champion. In an era where things seem to evolve quickly and plans can change on the fly, he's been a steady star. His sustained brilliance is why IMPACT has chosen him to carry the company's banner for so long.

Josh Alexander is not a household name right now. And what honestly? There's a good chance that he likely never will be, at least not beyond the world of professional wrestling. But you get the sense that's not what really drives him. From the outside looking in, the Champ seems more driven by the challenge.

In the eyes of many, that may be giving him too much credit. Obviously, every performer wants more at some point. They all want to be more successful, and Josh Alexander is surely no different. No one is allergic to money, and everyone wants to be secure in what they do.

However? For now, the IMPACT World Champion doesn't seem to be too driven by those material things right now. Instead, it's been about building a legendary legacy in a promotion that's as underrated and underappreciated as he is.

Maybe that's why he's such a fit as the face of the franchise. Because much like his promotion, the performer is much better than many people perceive. Because right now? Josh Alexander is painting a perfect portrait of championship excellence in IMPACT Wrestling right now. And it's a shame that more people aren't stopping to take a look at the big picture.

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