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THE POWER OF THE PIN - Jan 8, 2023: Is Vince McMahon returning for a showdown over WWE?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Vince McMahon is looking to ride like a bandit back into WWE, but will the new sheriffs in town head him off at the pass?

High noon could be upon us in World Wrestling Entertainment, as a true gunslinger is on his way back to set things right. Vince McMahon, the original desperado of sports entertainment, has returned - at least in some capacity.

The longtime leader of the WWE gang, McMahon was run out of town last year when allegations of sexual misconduct and hush payments reared their ugly heads. After years of always staying one day ahead on the trail, Vince was finally cornered when it was revealed that he may have used company money to cover his tracks.

McMahon had survived showdowns against some dangerous men in a tough business, but he was finally felled. Turns out, he wasn't bulletproof after all. And just like that, the most powerful man in the industry was gone.

As the tumbleweeds quietly rolled through the offices at Titan Towers, it was like The Outlaw Josey Wales had been arrested, tried, and hung at the gallows. Leaving the fans to wonder where all the cowboys had gone.

Vince McMahon's behavior was an example of the 'wild west' days of professional wrestling

Despite the fact that Mr. McMahon is credited with bringing wrestling from beer joints and bingo halls to a global stage, he's still a leftover carny. His wrestling roots go all the way back to the 1920s and 30s when his grandfather was part of the birth of the business. It continued through the 50s-70s with his father, before Vinny Mac himself took over the family farm.

Vince quickly became a marked man when he began trespassing on other tribes' territories and poaching their property. In the same style as a cattle rustler, he stole away his fellow promoters' greatest commodities - their performers. He staked his claim, and he did it in the most ruthless way possible.

Perhaps that's why it's almost ironic that there are rumors he, himself, was plotted against years later. His downfall may have been organized by those who were supposed to be part of his own posse. Now, he might be coming back with both guns blazing, like a 'Showdown at the WWE Corral'.

Is this whole thing all about vengeance? Likely not. But in this suspenseful story, it almost seems inevitable that some bullets are going to fly.

McMahon's return is supposed to be about negotiating media deals and a potential sale, but will we have an eventual standoff?

So far, Vince McMahon is saying all the right things. He's assured the media that he's returning simply to help facilitate upcoming business dealings, due to his status as the company's majority stockholder. There are already rumors that Disney, NBC Universal, Amazon, and investors in Saudi Arabia could all be potential suitors for a sale of the organization. If all goes well, WWE could fetch as much as 4-6 billion dollars for all of its vast assets.

For Vince, it will be The Great Train Robbery of sports entertainment. He can hang up his holsters and kick up his boots, after having made off like a bandit.

That would be the easy way to do things, but it's not McMahon's way. He can't seem to resist loading up the chambers and firing off the guns, and this could come into play once again. As time passes, WWE may not sell, and that leaves Vince with idle hands. And an itchy trigger finger.

That's when we could see Vince McMahon attempt to wrest even more control of his monster from the likes of Nick Khan, Triple H, and his daughter, Stephanie. Vince may also 'slow peddle' a sale, as has been theorized by Figure Four Weekly's Bryan Alvarez. The longtime journalist floated the idea that Vince might hold up a sale while he enjoys one last gallop of greatness. Wilder things have happened on there on the pro wrestling prairie.

Any upheaval right now could be disastrous for the WWE Universe and its stockholders

A power play would lead to a showdown with the company's Board of Directors and those who have been placed in charge. That puts potential deals with networks or buyers in jeopardy and devalues WWE.

Don't put it past McMahon. It's not quite as far-fetched as it may seem at first glance. He's already assembled some of his former Bandidos - Michelle Wilson and George Barrios - to stand with him.

That's a signal Vince might be ready to tell Nick Khan to 'Say when'.

However, the forces aligned on the other side have a ton of ammunition regarding his misconduct, with supposedly even more, that's been held back privately. So, with Vince holding the majority of the stock, and the Board opposing his decisions, we may be in for a tug-of-war like we've never really witnessed before.

The situation will definitely be worth watching, as there might be a battle for control of the world's most powerful sports entertainment corporation. If it all comes down to a face-off at high noon? Those caught in the crossfire (as usual) will be the WWE fans.


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